The AbanoRitz brings you in the traditional China through its music

“Who comes back from a trip, is never the same person who left.” Chinese proverb

September, harvest time!

“The sun, with all those planets turning around and which depend on him, can still ripen a…

Past has never been so present

“Family is the homeland of the heart.” Giuseppe Mazzini AbanoRitz: just a Hotel on…

Eclipse, a rare show

The solar eclipse is a temporally phenomenon. The mind eclipse, is a never-ending phenomenon. cit. Mieczysław…

The reopening with a young concert band

Un Fiume di Note for the month of July 2019

Sports that satisfy body and mind

There is no age to practice healthy sport! What do golf,…

2019 Venice Biennale

Biennale: relax and events   Saturday, May 11, the

AbanoRitz is always a service of medicine

Thermal water also for neurological and renal diseases and disorders

Hang concert: Paolo Borghi at AbanoRitz

    “The music is based on the harmony between sky and earth, on the coincidence between…

June: the Sun Month

A feminine June, a spiritual June, a family June

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