The magic of stage photography at Villa Bassi Rathgeb

An extraordinary event at the Museo Villa Bassi Rathgeb in Abano Terme: an unmissable exhibition of the renowned photographer and director Mimmo Cattarinich. An exceptional exhibition curated by Dominique Lora with 100 shots that tell the story of the Italian and international cinema from a unique point of view. This exhibition takes us on an immersion in stage photography from the 9th of February to the 16th of June, just a few meters from the Abano Ritz, where arts and thermae meet and where you can then immerse yourself in our thermal waters.

Stage photography: an art that captures emotion

Photography is a visual art form that captures the essence of a moment through the camera lens. Mimmo Cattarinich is a master in this discipline. His stage photography is able to immortalize the energy and the emotion of each moment, telling the story of Italian cinematography like no other. Through his photographs, we are transported inside the most enthralling film sets, with the great film stars.

The genius behind the lens

Mimmo Cattarinich is a renowned photographer and filmmaker, born in Rome on the 28th of June 1937 and died on the 27th of August 2017. His experience and passion for photography led him to be known for the beauty and the intensity of the scenes he steals with his camera lens. The exhibition at Villa Bassi Rathgeb in Abano Terme is an unmissable opportunity to admire his talent up close and be inspired by his artistic vision. 100 photographs from the immense archive of the Mimmo Cattarinich Cultural Association in Rome tell the story of Italian and international cinema from the 1960s to the present day.

Villa Bassi Rathgeb

Villa Bassi Rathgeb hosts this extraordinary exhibition in Abano Terme, an enchanting place that has already demonstrated several times how perfectly it lends itself to visual art. Don’t miss the opportunity to admire these photographs in such an evocative setting.

Abano Ritz for wellness immersion

Just a few meters from Villa Bassi Rathgeb there is the Abano Ritz, our thermal hotel is the ideal place for culture lovers. Immerse yourself in art followed by a dip in our pools… what more could you ask for? You can dedicate your free time to exploring the territory, without missing this unique photographic exhibition, and then regenerate in the relaxing atmosphere of the thermae.

The exhibition of Mimmo Cattarinich at Villa Bassi Rathgeb in Abano Terme is a unique opportunity to discover and admire this great photographer. We are waiting for you at the Abano Ritz, welcoming you with our usual warmth. We are the ideal starting point for exploring the area. Prepare to be captivated by the evocative images and experience the emotion that only Mimmo Cattarinich’s stage photography can convey, in the thermal relaxation that the various services at the Abano Ritz will give you.

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