Getting ready for summer at the Thermæ

Summer is approaching and we are already dreaming of enjoying the sun and heat at the beach or in the pool, but the much ‘dreaded’ swimming costume test is also coming. The Abano Ritz with its spa and wellness center is a perfect wellness option to prepare both body and mind. The Abano Ritz SPAce offers a wide range of targeted treatments for every need and physicality. Our beauty center is available to create an ad hoc program, perhaps starting with the combo of thermal waters combined with our Silhouette and Escape treatments.

The benefits of thermæ for the body

Thermæ have always been considered as an oasis of well-being and they offer numerous benefits for the skin, immersing yourself in a unique experience of relaxation and body care. The thermal waters, rich in minerals and trace elements, help to improve the hydration, the tone and the elasticity of the skin, as well as having therapeutic and regenerating effects on the skin, the muscles and the joints. The immersion stimulates blood circulation, promoting the detoxification and relieving the accumulated stress through the release of endorphins. In addition, thermæ treatments help to improve the sleep quality, to increase the energy and to strengthen the immune system.

Golden skin with a peeling at the Abano Ritz SPAce wellness centre

In summer, who wouldn’t want to have a golden, radiant skin? But you need to prepare your skin and to limit the damages with the exposure to the first sun, after months of scarves, coats and jumpers. Peeling is the treatment par excellence for renewing the skin, removing the most superficial “dead cells” and stimulating the hyaluronic acid and the collagen in the epidermis.

At the Abano Ritz SPAce we offer the “tailor-made” peeling with smoothing dead sea salt and ozone bath. This treatment is useful to combat cellulite and water retention, to eliminate dead cells by facilitating cell oxygenation of the skin, to reduce acne and finally to moisturize the skin.

Draining in thermal water at the Abano Ritz SPAce wellness centre

The underwater massage adds an important draining action to the benefits of thermal water. It is a treatment that is carried out in a bathtub of ozonated thermal water, in a targeted and guided manner, with a pressure pump along the lymphatic pathways. Thus, starting with an underwater massage, for our summer remise-en-forme, is perfect for a deep stimulation at lymphatic and circulatory levels.

Silhouette and Escape treatments at the Abano Ritz SPAce wellness center

For even more effective results, the Abano Ritz SPAce wellness center offers a selection of focused treatments and, among the most popular, the Silhouette and the Escape remain our top choices. These two treatments focus on the draining, the toning and the reshaping of the body. We then recommend continuing with a draining algae pack or a customized wrap, finishing with a manual stimulation.

At the Abano Ritz SPAce, from the mud therapy to the massage techniques, each session is designed to meet the individual needs of each Guest. The thermæ is the ideal place to prepare the body and the mind for the summer season, offering unparalleled benefits. These experiences will help you to deeply regenerate your skin and prepare it for summer. The Abano Ritz SPAce wellness center, with its treatments, stands out for its focus on the overall well-being of its guests. Whether you are looking for a more toned silhouette or an escape from your daily routine, Abano Ritz SPAce will offer you an unforgettable experience. Take care of yourself and prepare to face the summer with energy and beauty.

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