Food&Wine & Territory

The magic of Tulips

“Art could not feign a simpler grace nor nature form a more beautiful line.” James Montgomery

Asparagus: Venetian excellence from Mesopotamia to AbanoRitz

“The aphorism is like the asparagus: the good is in the tip.” Roberto Gervaso April…

The Euganean Spring at the AbanoRitz

“No matter how cold the winter is, there’s always spring afterwards.” Eddie Vedder Spring is…

Ginger and Well-Being

“Ginger is delicate and pungent, and pushes you to look into its eyes.” from the movie…

Red and green: Veneto at table!

Red and Green. Radicchio and Broccoli. The

A fire, a glass of wine, a pair of pliers and … all the festivities go away!

” Befana comes at night with her broken shoes, her Roman style hat: viva, viva the Befana!”

Panettone VS Pandoro

“Panettone or Pandoro? This is the question. Whether it is nobler to the soul to bear sultanas…

ENDORPHINS, elixir of happiness

“The bravest decision you can make every day is to be in a good mood.” Voltaire

Cheers to the Summer!

“There is not a word that is worth to make the colours with a so delicate and…

A game of chess… with the heart!

“And you used to smile and you stole cherries / Our lips lighted / one whole thing…

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