March is quintessentially the month of Women. It is also the time when we value Friendship the most and it would be crucial to be able to dedicate time not so much in quantity as in quality to dialogue, laughter, well-being and relaxation! Friendship is a special bond that enriches our lives and sustains us in times of joy and difficulties, our lifeblood.

Women and Friendship with a capital F

Speaking about the importance of Friendship, we have to recognize that Friendships between women have a special depth and empathy. Friends are often confidantes, companions and supporters at every stage of life. They share joys and sorrows, secrets and aspirations, creating a unique bond that is nourished by mutual understanding and solidarity.

“The best friends are sisters that you choose for yourself.”

Eustache Deschamps

The 8th of March and the importance of taking care of ourself

We are in the month of celebrations that for us women culminate with the 8th of March, Women’s Day. This year it falls on a Friday, a perfect day to start a weekend in style with a dedicated gala dinner at the AbanoRitz! We often find ourselves overburdened by our numerous daily commitments, ending up neglecting ourselves and neglecting certain relationships that are instead very important for us and our well-being. It is essential to remember that taking precious time for ourself is not a luxury, but a necessity. The luxury instead is being able to share that time with our true Friends!

The AbanoRitz and female Friendship

The AbanoRitz, as we are always keen to point out, has a matriarchal tradition of four generations (with the fifth growing up, ed.). March is therefore our month, which we intend to celebrate by emphasizing above all the possibility of spending a weekend with our Friends, but not only. This is a perfect time for sweet confidences or spicy confessions, while toasting to Friendship! Friends are precious travelling companions in our personal and professional growth, and dedicating time to cultivating these relationships is a gesture of love towards ourselves.

“Female friendship is a leap into the circle of sisterhood, and this circle can generate a very powerful force.”

Jane Fonda

Precious time is the time with our Friends

In this special month, we invite all women to spend quality time with their Friends. A short stay or a simple SPAday of relaxation and fun rediscovering the power of female Friendship and enjoying the company of people who fully understand you. Remember that lasting Friendships are a treasure in our lives and that nurturing these bonds makes us stronger and happier, so let’s make the best of it because we deserve it.

Whether through an intimate chat or a shared laugh, Friendship is a fundamental aspect of our well-being. Wellness at AbanoRitz is a bit of our bread and butter, so we know what we’re talking about and we invite you to share it. Take advantage of this month dedicated to women, but not only, to celebrate the Love and support that Friendships give us. Take advantage of it with our packages to live and to give, take advantage of it by remembering that Friendships must be cultivated and are our most precious asset, our lifeblood.

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