The 14 things not to do in a hotel

I am pleased to report here an abstract of an article that appeared in the magazine A TAVOLO, which I agree with and which unfortunately did not surprise me: Vices and waste in hotels, here are all the bad habits of tourists

Holidaymakers in hotels seem to be unaware of what waste and respect for things and people is, according to a recent survey in which 2,500 people participated.

They were asked if they behaved properly in the hotel or if they did something against the rules: 90% confessed to breaking some rules

– Filling your plate to the brim at the buffet and then not eating everything (81%).

– Not turning off the air conditioning in the room throughout the day (71%).

– Take food from the buffet to take away (65%).

– Throw towels on the floor to change every day (58%).

– Leaving the towel on the pool chair all day (56%).

– Keeping unused toiletries in the suitcase every day to have them replenished (45%).

– Smoking from the window of a non-smoking room (40%).

– Keeping the volume high in the room (38%).

– Keeping toilet paper in a cupboard to get more (26%).

– Swimming in the pool when it is closed (23%).

– Drinking bottles from the minibar and filling them with water (18%).

– Asking for the room to be made up despite leaving a ‘do not disturb’ sign (17%).

– Hosting someone else in the room (4%).

– Pretending to be on their honeymoon to try to get a better room or a gift (3%).

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