Waiting for you…

Only one week left. The 13th of August the AbanoRitz gets ready for the big reopening with the Ferragosto of Wishes: gala dinner in the park, light balloons, balls and fireworks… We come back celebrating together, with you who are part of the great AbanoRitz Family, with you who have called and written several times in these months giving us the charge that we needed.

But what have we done in these months?

After the closing of the 8th of March following the Ministerial Decree, Ida Poletto literally moved to the AbanoRitz giving life to Gloria: a diary-column of our blog ended on the 21st of July. It is only in Italian, but we invite you to read it for a journey through memories, thoughts, dreams and reality: a unique testimony.

Here how we were during these months, waiting to see you again, waiting to hug you again, waiting to come back to life:


…an Hotel, a Home suddenly empty!

We checked all the rooms…

..trying their comfort…

… keeping the water flowing…

… playing hide-and-seek!


We took care of the 6000 square meters of park-garden! (so complicated)

We learned how to live in a Gulliver world!

Eastern has been really different than usual!

… but we learned to take our time!


We did the laundry sanitizing ourselves as well…

… and started the spring cleaning!

… trying to throw away “old” stuff!

Mostly we’ve done a lot of clowning!


The wellness center is back in business!

We got grilled under the sun…

… relaxing…

… and emptying the pools for sanitization!


We have finally reopened the swimming pools for the day use…

… pinwheel operation !

Then the important thing is to be together and weare invincible!


… loading!

We only miss you!

Offerte AbanoRitz