Change to Change: the 2019-2020 trend to AbanoRitz   

Change to Change


The desire of the contemporary tourist to devote himself to journeys no longer classifiable according to the usual categories, therefore targeted travel experiences, able to enact an inner change and to stimulate curiosity is increasingly strong. Places outside the usual routes and slow rhythms without roadmaps, to find that inner rhythm that can involve the client in a journey of discovery and self-listening.

So yes to trips that force you to abandon routines and habits and then go to the green mood traveling disconnected! No to hyper-connection, today we offer tourists a vacation that allows them to unwind in the true sense of the word…

The second “revolutionary” step is to travel alone, discovering the most intimate part of yourself to discover inner and outer places

In the evening it will be better to go to bed early because the next day will have to be dealt with in a lucid, conscious way but above all with absolute calm and without any pressure. So, to savor every moment, the next morning you won’t get up too late to take advantage of an excellent and abundant breakfast that can bring the right energy to start the day walking, cycling or cruising, to rediscover the pleasure of slowness exploring the enchanting river routes of our territory. Here after a refreshing trip out of town, enjoying a well-deserved rest will be even more pleasant…

Our bio-thermal clay and salsobromoiodic water, our spaces dedicated to regeneration in the company of a good book or by being transported by the music we listen to in our rooms, our Salotto nel Verde and the Euganean Hills Regional Park with its nature and its history, the Venetian food and wine tradition and, above all, the extraordinary experience and professionalism of our staff of doctors, physiotherapists, balneo therapists, beauticians and masseurs, are the bases from which to start to put into practice this new trend for a short or long break, as long as it is made of Health and Relaxation.

Our Best Practices!

Health: RitzSPAce

Our RitzSPAce center offers a vast choice of treatments and massages of oriental tradition as well as of western school, for the beauty, the well-being and the health of our body.

After having properly eliminated toxins for the proper functioning of the body through intense detox moments that include a series of valuable treatments associated with diet, light exercise, nutritional advice and meditation, you can proceed with massages performed by expert hands that use three highly professional cosmeceutical lines and particular essential oils for revitalizing and relaxing tissues, opening energy centers, balancing psychophysical energy, detoxifying and relieving pain.

The advice of a naturopath and a doctor who will follow you all the way, will enrich your unforgettable travel experience but, to discover in advance the many benefits of all our complete treatments and their price list, you can click here following:

E-book treatments and their benefits

Price list

Relaxation: Thermae

At the AbanoRitz spa, guests can enjoy the benefits of an ozonized thermal bath and relax in the 6000 square meter swimming pool park with thermal water conveyed directly from the thermal spring from which it flows at 87°. Two large indoor and outdoor semi-Olympic pools will welcome you at a temperature of 33°-38°, equipped with hydromassage area, AcquaRelax area and cervical waterfall.

In full green mood and to welcome your inner change in the best way, indulge your spiritual and meditative needs by practicing yoga both outside and inside the thermal water or by being influenced by the numerous places of retreat and prayer such as the many hermitages and monasteries so wonderfully present in the historical-cultural context of our territory.

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