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Thermal water also for neurological and renal diseases and disorders

Acqua madre sotterranea che sgorga a bocca di pozzo a 87° – Underground mother-water that pours from our well at 87°


Thanks to the commitment of some spa hotels in Abano, the benefits of thermal waters have also been highlighted for neurological diseases, so not only for the most well-known joint pains or specific ones related to orthopedics and physiatry. Reducing the impact of the disease, facilitating muscle relaxation and joint mobility, fighting the painful stiffness of particularly serious and complex diseases such as Parkinsons, is an extraordinary achievement.

In fact, thermal water and rehabilitation physiotherapy in thermal environments have highlighted the possibility of a faster recovery of at least 30% compared to the traditional dry/medical environment.

Medical tourism

As a hotel that puts health and well-being first, active collaboration with groups, associations, medical clinics and medical agencies, it is very important to us because it gives us the opportunity to introduce our thermal products by putting them at the service of all for the prevention and improvement of the state of health and for the healing of various diseases.

An example is the consolidated relationship with the Back School with the annual appointments here at AbanoRitz and with the ANDOS Ovest Vicentino Committee ONLUS – National Association of Women Breast Operated – which we welcome with great joy every year.

The next meeting will be with Prof. Claudio Ronco and his team of IRRIV doctors – International Renal Research Institute of Vicenza which we will welcome later this month for a conference here at the hotel. IRRIV is the scientific arm of the Department of Dialysis and Renal Transplantation Nephrology and the onlus Associazione Amici del Rene di Vicenza (AARVI) non-profit organization and is a scientific institute aimed at promoting and developing scientific research in the field of chronic and acute nephrology. Every year IRRIV hosts numerous researchers and professors from all over the world for conferences, courses and internships; the next appointment is May 28-30 for the 37th Vicenza Course on AKI & CRRT.

Speaking of kidney disorders, also for renal lithiasis or nephrolithiasis, more commonly renal calculosis, it is important to know that through cycles of oral intake of thermal water an increased diuresis and an improvement in uric acid turnover are produced in the body.

Still on November 26th the appointment is with EMT – European Medical Tourism 2019 here in Abano Terme for an international B2B workshop between sellers and buyers, an event that we will not miss to open ourselves to new opportunities for meetings in the world of medical tourism with the main travel agents, tour operators, medical insurance, polyclinics and medical clinics.

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