A red thread connects Valentine’s Day and Giacomo Casanova..it’s the thread of Love to celebrate at AbanoRitz

In February, celebrating Love is..

..to live the Valentine’s Day tradition

Saint Valentine is known in the world as the “saint of lovers” and every year on February 14th its “effects of love” are celebrated. The origin of this cult is at the center of hypotheses that refer to the early centuries of the Christian era. In Italy it is Terni that claims the beginning of this anniversary that would be authenticated by the preservation in its cathedral of the sacred remains of St. Valentine, Bishop of Terni: according to the legend he was killed by a soldier for having celebrated the wedding between a Christian girl and a Roman legionary who died together during the blessing of marriage. Another recent hypothesis is that the party of lovers, protected by Valentine, comes from the Anglo-Saxon world in which Valentine’s day is celebrated and, we Italians, we would have joined this tradition to our ancient history of the saint of Terni, melting so sacred and profane.

In the Veneto, particularly in Monselice, the festivity has fueled a particular devotion that perhaps refers to the presence of another St. Valentine, among the remains of the alleged Christian martyrs coming from the Roman catacombs. The local tradition provides that every February 14 at the shrine of the “Seven Churches”, more precisely the San Giorgio oratory where there are the remains of the saint, the priest blesses the many women and children on pilgrimage with the delivery of a special “key”…– from the book The cult of St. Valentine in the Veneto by Flaviano Rossetto. Curious to know that, thanks to recent studies, it has even been rebuilt the face of St. Valentine!

But how to crown this tradition so dear to all lovers? Over the years Monselice has developed a real love ritual that consists of walking, hand in hand with your lover, the panoramic path of the Seven Churches, to receive, once you get to the top of the Colle della Rocca, the famous key that will open forever the heart of the person you love.

..relive the myth of Giacomo Casanova

On the theme of love from Monselice we come to Venice in memory of Giacomo Casanova (Venice, 1725 – Duchov, 1798) and his many roles: abbot, lawyer, soldier, healer, violinist, adventurer, philosopher, writer, mathematician, astronomer and naturally the best-known role of seducer of beautiful women.

For less than a year since its opening it is possible to relive in 45 minutes the life of this Venetian myth at Casanova Museum & Experience, an “experiential” museum at Palazzo Pesaro Papafava, overlooking the Misericordia canal.

A visit that gives the opportunity to mix virtual experiences and immersive environments, alternating interactive exhibits, moments of collective vision and individual enjoyment for a varied and engaging experience. You can discover the “character” of Casanova and his family of actors, his travels and his adventures, obviously including those with women struggling with love and fashion of the ‘700, for a comprehensive story of his public and private life.

..enjoy cuddles and relaxation at AbanoRitz

And for a St. Valentine weekend full of Love with a capital letter, it also takes cuddles and relaxation!

At AbanoRitz to celebrate Love: Special Room and Vip Package..

In Special Room – Light, a Junior Suite with double or twin beds, you can benefit from a single large, bright space to recover both physical and emotional energies. Classic and elegant in the declination of the blues, it has a bathroom in pink Portugal marble and Venetian-style accessories.

The stay is three nights, for two adults and half board, combined with the package ‘Valentine’s Day…and more’ with prosecco and strawberries in the room for welcome and a 10% discount on massages.. Do you want to book it online?!

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