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“Look over there at the Euganean Hills, Foscarina. If the wind comes up, they’ll wander through the air like veils, they’ll pass us over the head. I’ve never seen them so transparent… One day I would like to go with you to Arquà. The villages are as rosy down there as the shells found in the land of myriads. […]Then we will search the fountain of Petrarca, without asking anyone the way…”

Gabriele D’Annunzio

In this past year we have certainly rediscovered the nature and the culture of our territories. Here at AbanoRitz we are lucky to be right at the foot of the magnificent Regional Park of the Euganean Hills that offers an incredible wealth of history and tradition, as well as flora and fauna.

The Euganean Hills cover an area of about 19 thousand hectares and are formed by rocks of two different natures: sedimentary and magmatic. A network of trails for all levels and for all tastes. From walks to trekking, from trail running to nordic walk, from downhill to enduro, from bike to motorcycle, from running to climbing and so on. Having understood the importance of physical activity, even with the need to respect social distancing, the choice of trekking is certainly among the healthiest choices that can be made. The fresh and pure air helps to relax and to remove the accumulated stress, reducing anxiety and depression. Also, the fact to be so next to the nature, certainly gives a sense of revitalization and energy.

In younger people, trekking strengthens the natural defense system and refines the thermoregulation capabilities, with positive effects in the prevention of cooling diseases in the cold months. Also, remaining an aerobic activity, it stimulates the body by producing more red blood cells, favoring a greater supply of oxygen to the muscles, resulting in improved physical performance and toning of the lower body.

The magnificent Euganean nature is a natural background for fantastic places such as medieval villages and castles, hermitages and majestic Venetian villas that tell centuries of history, art and tradition. This magical Venetian culture is also referenced by precious literary testimonies of poets who found refuge in the Euganean Hills such as Petrarca, Foscolo, Byron and Shelley.

Trekking is particularly suited to these areas. The English verb to trek, means to make a long journey, walking slowly. A mix of walking in nature and hiking. The term itself was born in South Africa in the 19th century when the Dutch, defeated by the British, had to leave the territory through difficult paths.

To help you in choosing the best path, the Park has recently carefully geo-referenced the suggested route maps with tracks and main points of interest. Every detail is accessible on internet and there are, if necessary, also paper formats that you can easily ask the concierge of the AbanoRitz, as well as at the Park Office or the visitor center Casa Marina, while supplies last.

We look forward to a rejuvenating holiday at the AbanoRitz, in the name of Health, immersed in the nature and the history of the Euganean Hills between spa and culture, wellness and relaxation.

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