Euganean Hills have the scent of Joy

“Lower than a hill, but rather high compared to the surrounding countryside, with a remarkable turn, gently swells a high hill rich in boiling water.”


It is the 10th of October 1989 when the Euganean Hills Regional Park has been established, the first in Veneto. 18.694 hectares of land rich in value and with a vastly varied natural heritage, 15 municipalities (over 50 thousand inhabitants) nestled between its valleys. The territory has a long agricultural tradition alternated between vineyards and olive groves, without forgetting the typical jujubes of Arquà Petrarca, with the preparation of the traditional Brodo di Giuggiole (Jujubes’ Broth), forests and natural habitats recognized as priority by the European Community; but it is also very practiced the beekeeping, which offers different types of honey, and the breeding, from the Paduan hen to the guinea-fowl, passing through the goose, the capon, ending with pig farming which gives rise to unique products that have had European recognition in recent weeks (check here). One of the most delicious meats still be the horse one.

The largest resource of the Euganean Hills still be the thermal water that reaches us being more than 80ºC: the hottest temperature of its path. Also for this reason, since its creation, the AbanoRitz uses geothermal as a method of heating for the whole structure: therefore, we are among the first examples of ecology! J

The secrets kept by the Euganean Hills, the stories tied to the land and intertwined with those of the man during centuries of mutual evolution. This is the scent that is still perceived today along paths and ways through woods, glades and fields.

At the Abanoritz, at the foot of the Euganean Hills, with the great reopening of the 13th of August, we propose you various routes including three paths united under the same common denominator: the joy that has the scent of our Hills. Far from congested destinations and places too much known and too much beaten, there is something for everyone and for all levels: a first playful path, a second one more curious and about knowledge and a third one intimate and contemplative. Let’s see them in detail:

  • ADVENTURE. With the guide of the cooperative A perdifiato: orienteering in the Park of Villa Draghi dedicated to the family . Meet at the Rustico of Villa Draghi for an immersive experience in nature and to understand a card, looking for lanterns. (from 20 euros per pax).
  • TO THE SOURCES OF LIFE. With the guide of Viaggiare Curiosi we will discover, snooping around in the Euganean Hills, the small lakes and the hot springs that make this territory so peculiar. A unique tour designed for couples or small groups of friends (from 25 euros per pax). We will get to know closer the natural thermal lakes of Lispida and the Coast, the only bodies of water that remained active after the reclamation made in the middle of the 500 by the Venetians to make fertile Euganean soil. We will pass in front of the Catajo Castle and we will see the Portal of Diana of the Monumental Gardens of Valsanzibio, crossing the river village of Battaglia Terme. The geological peculiarity of the Euganean Hills, born from volcanic phenomena, also creates an extraordinary microclimate for the production of fine wines, such as organic wines produced in the Lispida Castle adhering to the Wine Route. The Laghetto della Costa insists in the municipality of Arquà Petrarca which is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy while the prehistoric palafitticolo site of the Laghetto della Costa, thanks to its archaeological value, has become “World Heritage” and Cultural Heritage of World Importance.
  • MEDITATIVE. Probably alone and in any case without a guide we invite you to rediscover yourselves in the frame of the meditative landscapes of the ancient ways of faith within the extraordinary natural context of the Euganean Hills. We recommend a real holiday alternative, a holiday for the mind and soul as well as for the body. Among the nearest places (5km): the Abbey of Praglia is the most important and beloved place of spirituality in the area of the Euganean Hills. It is a very ancient Benedictine monastery founded in the eleventh century and then rebuilt between 400 and 500. You can walk through cloisters and halls to the National Monumental Library led by one of the wise monks who live inside. Ten minutes far from Praglia you can visit the sanctuary of Madonna della Salute which is located in the quarter of Monteortone. It is an enchanting place of Marian devotion active for over five centuries. One of the most evocative hermitages is that of the Camaldolese founded in 1530 on Monte Rua for monks and that of Saint Daniele for nuns. The Benedictine monastery of the Sisters of San Daniele is only 2 km away and is a wonderful hike/ bike ride as it connects the Abanoritz cycle path. Finally, the sanctuary of Monte della Madonna, which has represented, since 300, a place of retreat and absolute spiritual research.

All the AbanoRitz family waits for you and we are ready to help you in choosing the right activities for you from relax to wellness passing through the wine and food and the sport. A vacation will not be enough: you will need a second one! For the moment give a look to our promotions:

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