“Praised be You, my Lord, through Sister Mother Earth,

who sustains us and governs us and who produces

varied fruits with coloured flowers and herbs.”

Francesco d’Assisi

We like to believe that the EARTH is not just a planet, the third in the sun distance ranking; we like to believe that the earth is not just atmosphere, the interaction between all living species, the weather, the time and the natural resources which determine the life circle. We rather like to believe that the Earth is US. Earth is out Mother: it gave us air to breathe, in addition to water and food, with countless children, millions of species. In ancient Greek mythology GAIA is the planet that lives, receives and transforms. The AbanoRitz reopened on the World Earth Day: the 22nd of April 2021 celebrates the preservation of planet Earth, a goal that can be pursued with the commitment of each and the energies of all.

The AbanoRitz with its own thermal water source and natural clay is doing its part. Creating values as well as business is the real goal of AbanoRitz SPAce. Two cornerstones: geothermal and good practices for a lower environmental impact, territory and social development.


AbanoRitz, the first SPA hotel in the area to have a Calorimeter, uses the thermal gap of its thermal water wells to heat all environments. The use of GEOTHERMAL for the heating of the structure allows you to minimize the environmental impact of the hotel and zero CO2 emissions of particulate matter (PM1/PM10), specifically linked to some pathologies of those who are forced to breathe them with normal domestic heating. It has been calculated, in fact, that on average in the last ten years the hotel, thanks to geothermal energy, has avoided to release into the atmosphere about 420 tons/year of carbon dioxide compared to the use of a possible methane boiler (which is also particularly efficient in terms of heat dispersion and CO2 production), or has avoided consuming about 180 tons of oil (TOE/year).

At the AbanoRitz we pay great attention to the subdivision and disposal of the different kinds of waste (the correct subdivision takes place in all the areas of the hotel) and the choice of professional cleaning products all used through calibrated dosing devices for maximum performance with the least pollution. We are daily committed to recycling paper material, where it is possible and, apart from antique chandeliers, about 70% of light bulbs are low-energy ones. In the parking of the AbanoRitz there are the columns for recharging electric Tesla cars.


The hotel is by its nature a company not relocatable therefore rooted in its territory that defends and promotes. Completely inserted and integrated in the frame of the Euganean Hills with its more than 6000sqm of garden park, the AbanoRitz is the only hotel of the Euganean Thermae that participates in the project CETS: European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in the regional park of the Euganean Hills. Since many years it has been on the Wine Road of the Euganean Hills enhancing the local products of a natural area rich in biodiversity and dedicated to organic farming. The hotel management has always been committed to networking in an area of high environmental quality, unique for the combination of nature and human work. For us, hospitality professionals, the satisfaction of our customers is at least as important as that one of our employees: training is encouraged, the employment of residents in neighboring municipalities is encouraged, limits turnover by trying to establish a relationship of mutual trust.

To our GUESTS we ask to help us in this way:

  • Turn off the air-conditioning while opening the windows.
  • Reduce the use of current water.
  • Contain the change of linen in the room sharing your needs with the maid on the floor.
  • Avoid as much as possible the use of the car during the holiday using the free rental bikes.
  • Using less than possible electrical devices.

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