To the discovery of Thermalism

The city of Montegrotto Terme, next to the AbanoRitz, inaugurates today in Villa Draghi the Museum of the Ancient Thermalism and of the Territory. Findings that tell a distant and current past at the same time, that dig into the memories of the aponenses (inhabitants of Abano Terme) and of the sampietrini (inhabitants of Montegrotto Terme).

Give life back to the territory, making it discovered by every single and curious visitor, wonderful adults and children with anecdotes and discoveries. A part is dedicated to ancient thermalism, the first settlements that bring to light geological and chemical problems. Other rooms are instead dedicated to the archaeological reality of the Euganean area up to modern evidence. Geology, medicine, archaeology and history are also brought together thanks to the support of cutting-edge computer tools and 3D reconstructions that diversify the insights in order to satisfy a heterogeneous audience of adults and children.

This is absolutely the first museum in Italy dedicated to this resource that for the Euganean basin is primary since the time of the ancient Romans. A journey into thermalism that will surprise you pleasantly and positively.

Villa Draghi, on the slopes of the Monte Alto, will permanently host this museum. The building was demolished and rebuilt in the mid-800 by Pietro Scapin who, after the purchase, found it too degraded for a simple restoration. In the XVII century it was the holiday-home of the Venetian accountant Alvise Lucadello, then it passed to the Donati family. The name nowadays is due to the Draghi family, who owned the villa from 1874 to 1965.

In 1972 Villa Draghi became the property of the municipality of Montegrotto Terme, which used it as an exhibition space.

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