Super 8

“Writing is the painting of the voice”


Eight writers plus one, among the most interesting plumes of the under 40 generation of the Italian literature, have spent a small residential writing journey in the spring 2019 at the AbanoRitz Hotel. They gave life to  eights tellers inspired by the fascination of the past and the present of a charming residence that knew how to change its skin in the time, renew, equally keeping the promise to the elegant hospitality spirit, which is since always the main trait of it.

This project of residential writing believe as us as well in the power and in the needs of stories, in their ability in describing and illuminating things, in the tourism culture and in the business that creates values.

The future of the tourism by the AbanoRitz is far from the lots of hedonistic emotions discounted and it is more and more near to the best use of your own free time in order to cultivate art, culture and relations that allowed opening the mind and the hearth.

The volume SUPER 8 has involved different authors both for their voice and for the rooms about which they wrote: incredibly eclectic rooms that keep the passion for the tradition and the memories a little bit mythologized, but furnished in extra-ordinary balance between dream and play, magic and fantasy, curiosity and research.

Giovanni De Sandre has shot the told rooms and the same writers: suggestive shots, which switch from reality to illusion, which go beyond the usual description paths.

March 2020 is the month that, not coincidentally, Terry and Ida Poletto want to dedicate to a dream that became a project and that is now a reality. One year later, SUPER 8 introduces itself communicating a tourism which makes and which is culture: living culture, looking culture, telling culture.

4 weekends to introduce in turn different voices which gave birth the volume SUPER 8: an experiences collection of residential writing with the photos of Giovanni De Sandre and the telling by Riba, Gaspari, Tosco, Accardi, Deotto, Armanino, Caminito, Arena, Carbé coordinated by Francesco Pasquale.

On Friday the 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th of March at 6.30 p.m. we wait for you at the happy hour with the authors that will alternate between them. Discussions, presentations and exchanges will be as well a good occasion to meet again, to live back really deep and emotional moments of a really significant project for the AbanoRitz, an hotel since always close to culture, art and music.

On Saturday, instead, we wait for you from 10 p.m. to our Midnight Vintage Club, always accompanied by our authors, in addition to a DJ set with vinyl, for our theme evenings. Let’s start from the 7th of March with the 60s and every weekend we will jump decade by decade till arriving to the mythic 90s. Come to sup the special cocktail of the decade with theme clothes, hairstyles or headdresses for a little bit of Old School in the world of rock, pop, disco and electronic music!

We wait for you then at the AbanoRitz Hotel for a stay of relax, culture, wellness and meetings that will make you really switch off!

Our offers: we wait for you!

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