Mother’s Day at the Abano Ritz: Love and Wellbeing

The ABCs for the Mother’s Day are wrapped up at the Abano Ritz: Love, Wellbeing and Pampering. Like every second Sunday in May, this 12th of May will shine with a special warmth. On this day we honor the women who gave us life, the women who raised us and the women who continue to be our safe haven.

The history of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has deep roots and it has evolved over the centuries. Motherhood has always been celebrated in different cultures for its importance in procreation and family care. However, in the 1950s, the Mother’s Day was officially introduced as a civil holiday. Nowadays, this date celebrates the emotional bond between mothers and children.

Gift ideas for Mother’s Day?

Like every year, around Mother’s Day the search for the perfect gift begins. The “risk” is to fall into the usual bouquets of flowers or even photo albums and frames. The red rose undoubtedly remains the most popular symbol of love and photographs are always a very sweet gesture. Wanting to stand out, however, we believe that mothers really do deserve some time to themselves, always spending whole days thinking about everything and everyone. That is why the Abano Ritz gift voucher is right for you: an unforgettable wellness experience.

Wellness at the Abano Ritz

The Abano Ritz is an oasis of relaxation and care. Our thermal pools, with water at around 34°C, are a panacea for body and mind. Sauna, steam bath, emotional shower, gym and treatments complete the experience. Managed by the Poletto family, with a matriarchal tradition of 4 generations, the hotel welcomes our Guests with a warmth and an attention that makes them feel like at home.

On this magical day, we celebrate Mothers and all that they represent: Love, Strength and Dedication. We celebrate them especially at the Abano Ritz, where these Mothers, deserving of relaxation and pampering, will be welcomed by the Poletto Family with our usual warmth that distinguishes our hotel. A beautiful Mother’s Day in an oasis of tranquility and care, that is our wish.


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