Journey into the cosmos of Pisces

“Pisces are not made to be locked up…”


You could not resist inside a Pisces even not for a second: they even do not know how to understand themselves. And so, we welcome the twelfth and last zodiacal sign, from the water element, considered the most evolved. Symbolized by two fishes, they swim freely in the cosmos representing the strongest values of friendship and communion, but also in seeing in depth the essence of people, nature and things. Their super power may be the one to know how to read in the thought, maybe with a piped music in B minor (as it could be the Sinfonia Incompiuta by Bach or the Sonata per Piano by Chopin).

Neptune, their dominant planet, gives to Pisces that side of their dreamy and emotional character that however does not help in the everyday practicality. On the other hand, they are masters in expressing abstract concepts and they also like to share material goods. Despite their instinct for camaraderie, they often need to be isolated, to find themselves with themselves, to be alone. This is also because their extreme sensitivity makes them fickle, in difficulty with social life, and for this reason Pisces have as predominant feeling the pain, with which they manage to live quite well. However, there is a risk on it: to fall into a depression easily looking for escape routes in the most typical addictions. Jupiter influences those born under the sign of Pisces manifesting generosity and reacting to the difficulties of others with piety and understanding. A Pisces knows what you want and what you need.

The colors of Pisces are cyclamen, purple and aquamarine. As for the stones, here’s how to use them: white opal to increase the consciousness of the illusion, jade to eliminate fear, pearl to offer consolation, amethyst to protect against possible addictions.

The plants of Pisces are moss, ferns and algae, while as for the trees it depends on the day of birth: the ash for the period from the 20th of February till the 17th of March and the pomegranate, the alder and the cornel for the period from the 18th to the 20th of March.

For our part, at the AbanoRitz SPAce, in order to make you feel like small fishes, we thought about an underwater massage: draining and toning in thermal water. The massage is given by a jet of thermal water precisely targeted and directed by one of our operators with intensity more or less strong according to you. Giulia or Linda are waiting for you to try this experience!

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