A 2022 with AbanoRitz SPAce flavour

We approach 2022 somewhat skeptically given the hostile and unpredictable times, but certainly hopeful of a real renaissance. Our personal values have changed, they evolved and we learned, in recent years, new kind of communication such as the importance of the eyes, as well as understanding the need for physical contact, which has now been forgotten.

Each zodiac sign will have its own year, and astrologers’ anticipations are few (perhaps they don’t dare, ed.), but something has leaked out and we propose it here in our own way, the AbanoRitz SPAce way, with a personalized pampering for each sign:

Aries: a very good year awaits you, both in love and at work. Being a very physical and sporty sign, we recommend a deep muscle massage.

Taurus: of the “do ut des” series, important rewards are on the way to reward you for all that you give to those close to you, but you will have to accept some inevitable changes. For our part, the perfect massage is Oro (Gold), an illuminating and regenerating facial treatment with 24k gold.

Gemini: days and days surrounded by your loved ones… and with the surprise effect that you like so much. Don’t be found unprepared and make yourself look good for your achievements with a fantastic HydroGlobal by Maria Galland, the hydration innovation suitable for all skin types.

Cancer: the new year will be practically an obstacle course, but by pushing away negative thoughts and loving, you will fight melancholy. The right package to get rid of some accumulated stress is the Destress SPAce: a massage combined with a foot reflexology session to really switch off, at least for a couple of hours.

Leo: Love is calling and archived projects will be back on the table. To regain your strength and be ready and full of energy, our advice is one of the simplest: a complete thermal mud therapy session with a pack of organic clay from our hills, taken directly from our tanks after 6 months of maturation, followed by an ozone bath in mother thermal water.

Virgo: Thanks to the warmth of the people who love you, you will have to think again about not loving parties and being generally not very sociable. At the AbanoRitz SPAce you will find the Herbelia Finger Brush treatment, a relaxing cuddle to drain, oxygenate and tone your whole body so that you will be ready to meet everyone and in great shape (we recommend, however, to be careful and to use a mask, ed.)

Libra: looking for your balance, try not to give in to anxiety. In this case, the Lomi Lomi is a Hawaiian massage that gives a total and deep sense of well-being, helping to combat stress and depression.

Scorpio: feel good with your own, but remember that you can count on your loved ones. In any case, given the need for solitude, the sensory deprivation bath is for you. Floating Room is a chamber isolated from external sounds and lights, with a high saline liquid that favors floating, it allows you to reach states of deep relaxation, bringing the body to a gradual desensitisation and isolating the nervous system from various external stimuli.

Sagittarius: all you have to do is look for diversions that keep boredom at bay and you’re done. We try to take you on a journey with our oriental treatments, as Passion Ayurveda, a ritual with essential oils for 80 minutes of pure relaxation that takes us back to the science of life, as the word itself indicates.

Capricorn: more passionate than ever. How about a Romantic SPAce package? 55 minutes of couple’s massage with the kneading technique, followed by an aromatic bath in the twin cabin.

Aquarius: confidence and serenity in the future, taking advantage of the joy of celebrations. At the AbanoRitz SPAce you will find the Total Relax, a relaxing and de-stressing massage on a floating bed with chromotherapy.

Pisces: memories hurt and during holidays you often become melancholic, but Jupiter comes to the rescue sweeping away the sadness. Or you can also resort to our organic thermal mud baths which unleash endorphins, creating an effect of total relaxation and euphoria.

We wait for you all the year long!

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