Weekly Gym sessions at AbanoRITZ


At AbanoRITZ Hotel we have a special care for your physical wellness and in particular for your back’s health, the major support of your body.

We have multiple choice of Fitness activities, but first of all, we suggest you join our weekly lessons with the trainer Luigi. He holds the Gym Session twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday at 4 PM, for about 40 minutes in the AbanoRITZ’s Gym. You’ll feel very well after that and he’ll give you some basic tips to get over a backache.

Luigi has a wide experience in training and teaching how to prevent phisical aches by practising focused exercises. He is a massiophisioteraphist and Shatzu terapist. He studied at Mézières School and realized a complete program to restart moving properly the muscles of the back in order to prevent a backache.

According to Mézières School, the back is made of crossed chains of muscles such as:
Rear Chain
Front Chain
Brachial front Chain

Neck front Chain

These chains are usually overcharged, causing muscles tensions which change the back shape. The solution that Mézières suggests is therefore restoring the original shape in order to avoid other pain. And this is what Luigi helps you to reach with his program of postural training and stretching exercises.

Luigi says that most of the Hotel’s guests who started his courses could hardly lean over. A clear sign that they primarly need to stretch the muscles to recover their back. He helps you doing it with his special program of exercizes that you can do on your own, once you’re back home.

Luigi can also create a tailor made training program to help you get over some other physical difficulties. You can also ask Luigi for a complete Shatzu massage session.

Gym sessions are free and included in the Fitness Program of your stay.







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