The new springtime menu of “Brutto anatroccolo” Restaurant

menu-springtime-brutto-anatroccolo-AbanoRITZIt’s Springtime, the little duckling has grown up, the plumage is bright, but like every season change, swan feathers change, as well!

This is what has just appened to Brutto anatroccolo’s, Menu, the vintage little Restaurant born from AbanoRITZ Hotel with the same careful welcome philosophy.

A menu which is not only a menu. It’s a nice and ironic tale to bring the Resaturant’s guests in a fairy trip around seasonable and traditional tastes.

The new menu is an appetizing proposal between tradition and creativity, therefore from Friday 6th April you’ll find some new dishes besides some classic ones even though in the Brutto anatroccolo version.

Following you can discover the new plates.

Hors d’oeuvres.. anyone?

Anchovies & Raspberries
In case there is any doubt, although anchovies (called “acchiughe” or “alici” in Italian) are a small fish, they play a great role in nutrition given their tasty flavour, their remarkable nutritional properties, and sustainability of fishing practices. A unusual and tasty salad: valerian topped with some tissue thin red onion rings, extra virgin olive oil and raspberry vinegar, marinated anchovies, and fresh raspberries. A recipe marrying the blue-hued fish and the ancient fruit.

Smart Food
They are called large salads but at the BA, the ingredients are not chosen by chance… sprouts, some seeds, a sprinkling of finely chopped almonds, goji, and apple with raw baby spinach.

The pleasure of being… First courses

Spaghetti..for ever.
Strong flavours, spanning north to south, enlivening the taste buds… two simple yet distinctive “made-to-order” dishes: garlic, olive oil, chilli peppers, anchovies, and onion in sauce. We suggest forsaking all proper etiquette and wearing your napkin around your neck!

I see red.
A journey into the world of pacchero macaroni seasoned with: fresh tomatoes + basil and a pesto of dried tomatoes and Taggiasca olives + tomato confit, capers and oregano. Mopping up the last bit of sauce on your plate with some bread is welcomed!

Not all southern dishes are created equal…
… after all, we are only talking about bread, mozzarella and tomato… but we have created a rather refreshing and tasty dish, soft while surprising to the palate: gazpacho with “burrata” buffalo milk cheese.

Second courses… are second to none

Michetta bun sandwich
A bismarck dish without the egg?  A hamburger without barbecue sauce? Strong, yet balanced flavours, lots of thinly cut raw vegetables, and a beef rump medallion with mustard sauce. A rich julienne of savoy cabbage, peppers and carrots fills our michetta bun, making the meat even more mouth watering.

In search of Baccalà
Baccalà, stockfish, cod: its origin is Nordic, but the passion for baccalà is all Italian, and Venetian in particular… The difference is only in the processing, but whether dried, salty or fresh, because of its rich nutritional properties, it is nevertheless, a food with a high energy value. Creamed with olive oil, cooked in milk, or paired in a salad with garlic and parsley: join our journey into the world of baccalà.

It can be deemed the ugly duckling of crustaceans … We will satisfy your seafood craving with these steamed spiny lobsters bathed in an emulsion of extra virgin olive oil and pink grapefruit juice, with a side of black rice.

Dessert. Because pleasures of the palate no longer a sin!

Dessert is our anchor, nothing’s changed!


We wait for you at Brutto Anatroccolo Restaurant from Friday to Monday evening.
Via Monteortone, 19
c/o AbanoRitz Spa & Well-Feeling Resort 
Abano Terme, Padova – Italy
T. 049 86.33.100

Just knock to our front door on the left side of the AbanoRITZ Hotel, we’ll be pleased to serve you a special dinner!



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