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Hang concert: Paolo Borghi at AbanoRitz

    “The music is based on the harmony between sky and earth, on the coincidence between…

AbanoRitz: the only hotel of the Euganean Spas to supply the agreed insufflations

The interview with Dr. Maria Cristina Facciolo  

Many “Hugs” for the Father’s Day..

“Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventures, story-tellers and singers.” Pam Brown  

Centuries of history and goals of thermal medicine in the Euganean basin

The European Patent of our Mud  

Screening and Phlebology Conference 2018 in Abano Terme


ABANO: between past and renewal

Thermae Abano Montegrotto     During the months of October and November, the OGD…

To start breathing a bit of Christmas ❤

Initiatives at Villa dei Vescovi and our Wellness Gift     The…

S.O.S. backache

How to make the back pains pass?     Nine out of 10…

The extraordinary environmental nature of the territory and of the Euganean thermal product under the microscope of the Study Center

The presentation of the study on the biodiversity of thermal springs  

Facts not promises: Thermal Wellness

AbanoRitz SPAce: between Spa and Wellness   A week for.. Lose weight in…

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