THERMAE, the AbanoRitz matryoshka synthesis!

“The right time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”

Sydney J. Harris

Thermal baths are natural and environmentally friendly cures, thus responding to the growing demand for sustainability, compatibility and respect for the own Person and Nature. Geothermal energy and good practice at the AbanoRitz!

Health Tourism is often broken down into its various parts, such as wellness, spa, medical services, therapies and treatments… whereas THERMAE is a synthesis of these. In fact, the concept of Health has been amplified and extended, and nowadays thermalism (pass the water/have spa) is fully part of a process that has led our society to an increased awareness of the key role of concepts such as feeling well (which is not simply “not being sick”), prevention, living well and growing old in good health.

More than 70% of Italian five-star hotels claim to have their own SPA or Thermal Centre, even when thermal spring waters are NOT used. We thermalists are well aware of the role and activities that underlie different definitions such as Wellness or SPA (Salus Per Aquam)/Thermae; also because we are aware that to be able to use the word THERMAL SPA it is necessary to use a thermal spring with specific oligomineral properties, but for the public, and unfortunately also for many doctors, the various terms such as SPA, Thermal Baths, Wellness, Wellness Center are substitutes for each other or synonyms, while they are the contents of a single container that is the accredited and patented thermal centre, so the AbanoRitz is in fact an extraordinary MATRIOSKA!

If, in fact, there are wellness centers without spas, there are no spas without wellness. The thermal dignity in the medical field has increased with the growth of the image of wellness, indeed it is a compendium of it. Therefore, there is no gap between thermal resources and wellness activities; rather, they enhance each other in a wider and more topical concept of THERMAL WELLNESS.

Is there anything else to add? We look forward to seeing you at the AbanoRitz, with our certified and patented thermal center, with offers aimed at your Health and Wellness!

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