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The treatment with essential oils is also called aromatherapy, although it may be a term reductive because the word “aroma” can make you think exclusively of the scent and leads to believe that smell a scent can be therapeutic.

But essential oils are much more! They are very powerful active principles and can enter the circle in a very short time having three different modes of action: pharmacological, physiological and psychological.

Aromatherapy therefore as a practice of application on the skin, inhalation or, only in certain cases, of ingestion of aromatic substances extracted from plants for therapeutic purposes.

Massages and Aromatherapy Baths

By means of massage, for example, the essential oil is absorbed by the epidermis, enters the blood and is transported throughout the body. The fragrant products of aromatic plants, in fact, have a direct action with the chemistry of our organism, influencing a specific organ or physiological system and thus enhancing its vital functions, according to the type of essence used.

Our RitzSPAce Center offers various treatments with essential oils such as therapeutic thermal bath with ozone in aromatherapy that allows you to choose between different essences such as Aromasoul Mediterranea (citrus-energizing) based on Mediterranean lemon, juniper, sage and geranium; from the fresh citrus and sparkling notes, it evokes the beneficial energy of the sea showing optimism and good humor. Aromasoul Arabian (spicy and intense-stimulating) based on Jojoba oil and essential oils of Vetiver, cinnamon, cedar wood and aromatic Ladan resin, is indicated to reduce physical and mental fatigue. Aromasoul Indian (spicy-relaxing) with extracts of gardenia, jasmine, rose, amber, cardamom and patchouli, stimulates the chakras and awakens positive energies. A regenerating bath at 36 ° temperature of the thermal water, made with the soft light of candles and a relaxing background music for 20 minutes of intense well-being.

If instead you prefer the stimulating action of an excellent massage, here is 55 minutes of Ayurveda – the experience of Indian medicine for psychophysical wellbeing. Ayurveda is the oldest science inspired by well-being: man is dominated by the three doshas, forces that, combined in different proportions, characterize every  individual and from whose equilibrium depends his health. Ayurvedic practice involves the use of hands, arms and feet to restore the balance of doshas. An ideal massage during seasonal changes.

And if you want to prolong the wellness effect, let’s give us 80 minutes of Tranquility: the real aromatherapy massage that puts mind and body in harmony, restoring deep serenity; or Passion Ayurveda: the Indian beauty ritual par excellence with our essential oils.

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