Euganean Hills : Sport & Relax !

The Euganean Hills: nineteen thousand hectares of volcanic origin hills. Perfect for a holiday that ranges from activities in contact with nature to relaxation, immersed in our thermal waters. Few steps from the AbanoRitz, all you need for a real Vacation between sport and relax!

Where does the name Euganean Hills come from?

The name “Euganei” (Euganean) is said to derive from the Greek word for “of noble stock”, due to the recognised beneficial properties of the thermal waters. Abano Terme has been known since the times of the ancient Romans for its magical, warm waters, as well as for the inhalation therapies that were already taking place at Montirone at the time. Nowadays, both inhalation therapies and mud therapy are patented and affiliated with the National Italian Health System. The AbanoRitz has its own thermal wellness centre with various curative, therapeutic and aesthetic activities. Medical director and specialised staff have been looking after the relaxation and wellbeing of our customers for more than 60 years, in a warm family atmosphere directed by the Poletto family in a matriarchy now in its fifth generation.

“Love for sport is an epidemic of health.”

Jean Giraudoux

The wide offer of the Euganean Hills.

Abano Terme is not only cures and relaxation, it is also sport! The AbanoRitz is part of the CETS programme with the Euganean Hills Park, promoting sustainable tourism of local businesses. Thus, it encompasses activity possibilities for all tastes:

  • TREKKING and walks for everyone, from experts to novices, from adults to children, from pushchairs to four-legged friends, and many routes that are also accessible to the handicapped.
  • GOLF to relax in the midst of nature, surrounded by unique views that give a real sense of peace and tranquillity. The AbanoRitz is a partner of the Padua GC, the Montecchia GC and the Frassanelle GC, and is also part of the Golf in Veneto
  • BICYCLE to fully enjoy the area, not only when cycling the 60 km of cycle loop, but also the shorter, more intense routes in the Euganean Hills. The AbanoRitz collaborates in this respect with Viaggiare Curiosi, who offer the possibility of hiring bicycles, tandems, mountain bikes, and electric bikes, delivering them directly to the hotel and arranging for them to be GPS-accompanied on various excursions on request.

The Euganean Hills are a perfect place for those seeking a holiday that is a good mix of sport and relaxation. The combination of outdoor activities and beneficial thermal cures makes this area unique and unforgettable. The AbanoRitz, with its wide range of services, is the ideal place to stay and fully enjoy all that the Euganean Hills have to offer. We are waiting for you!

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