Not only Urbs Picta: Padua becomes the cradle of science

“Art is made to disturb, science to reassure”

Salvador Dalì

Galileo is the festival of science and innovation promoted by the City of Padova and designed by ItalyPost, as well as directed by the great essayist and scientific columnist Giovanni Caprara and curated by Goodnet Networking Territories.

Friday the 19th of May will be the beginning of the 11th edition of the most important national event dedicated to science, innovation and technology. Padova has always hosted this important festival, which aims to tell the story of the city not only as Urbs Picta, a title obtained in the summer 2021, but also as the “cradle of science”, thanks to the high level of our University and the rich industrial network with global expertise and knowledge.

This year, researchers and entrepreneurs will be debating the crucial topics of energy and renewables, space economy, robotics, Industry 4.0 and life sciences (medicine, pharmacology and biotechnology).

New this year is the Innovation Book of the Year Award, the aim of which is to promote publishing that recounts both the technological and the ethical and philosophical aspects of innovation. The aim is cultural growth that promotes and stimulates the development of Italian industry. The jury that will examine the finalists is composed of entrepreneurs, professors, representatives of trade associations and young undergraduates.

Padua is only a few minutes away from Abano Terme and thus from the AbanoRitz and as always gives us excellent reasons and opportunities to visit and explore it again and again.

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