There is no two without three!

Veronica is among the youngest in the big AbanoRitz family. She runs from the reception to the wellness center passing through the booking so for sure you personally met her. She lives in Montegrotto, city close by Abano Terme, and she is a real and proud sampietrina (so are called the habitants in Montegrotto). Speaking with her the best pastry is undoubtedly the Dalla Bona one and one of the unmissable cultural visits (there are really many of them in the area of the Euganean Hills) is absolutely the Roman archeological site. For her “delivery” we asked her not to be too much, strictly patriotic for fear of a long ode to Montegrotto (we joke a bit about it, but we would not like to have her different from that, indeed, ed) and it came out a beautiful reflection on the theme of holidays.

Holidays? Yes, but this year in Italy!

Sea or Mountain? Very often we found ourselves in front of this crossroads, probably it will happen again in this summer 2020 which surely will be a bit different from all the others… So, why between the two bickering do not choose the SPA? Today, as an habitant of these areas, I would like to give you some tips and advices about all the opportunities offered by our thermal territory even in the times of the virus, with which we should surely learn to live, but that certainly will not completely spoil the pleasure of a holiday.

Let’s begin from a principle: the thermal baths have always been the place where health and relaxation meet, for this reason the whole tourist sector is ready to welcome again those who want to spend their holidays here, also because our thermal and health tourism system has some guarantees not to be underestimated.

Abano and Montegrotto are immersed in the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills, where between uncontaminated nature and huge green spaces the “social distancing” comes naturally:

Tourists by foot and bicycle lovers have at their disposal almost 65 km of itinerary that surrounds the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills, thanks to the Bicycle-Pedestrian Ring. Paths that lead you to discover wonders such as Villa Vescovi (Luvigliano), Villa Barbarigo (Valsanzibio) with a visit to the garden and its famous labyrinth (speaking about distancing, here it is easier to get lost than being found), Villa Draghi (Montegrotto), the area of the Roman archeological site (Montegrotto) and much more: a day would not be enough to list them all!

For those who want to stay with their feet firmly on the ground, Abano and Montegrotto offer huge pedestrian areas and urban parks to relax and, why not, allow some healthy shopping.

The AbanoRitz, like all the hotels in the thermal area, is working to reinvent the spaces and to make your holidays an unforgettable experience even in these circumstances. The code word will be security without ever forgetting the real essence of hospitality.

So… everything has been said by our Veronica, so now there is only one thing missed to do: plan you journey of cultural relax in the older thermal baths of the world: the Thermal baths of Abano and Montegrotto, recognized by the Health National System, patented and first in Europe for their benefits. Ancient Romans were already faithful to these hot springs and you?!

We wait for you!

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