The elegance of the fennel

The season of the fennel has come, a Mediterranean plant known since the old ages for its properties and benefits.

Its aromatic taste is vaguely reminiscent of anise one and that is why the ancient tavern keepers used the seeds to hide the mediocre quality of some wines. From here the Italian term “infinocchiare” (to hoodwink), rather than to cheat, to dupe.

There are different kind of fennel divided in two main categories: the wild fennel and the fennel. The first one grows up spontaneously and it is mainly used as aromatic plant as well as for its seeds, otherwise the second one is cultivated and it is sweeter, with a less pungent taste. Male or female are diversified by the shape: the first one rounder and more adapted to be eaten raw, the second one more tapered and perfect to cook.

But let’s check together the various fennel properties:


Being made of water more than for its 90% and with an high vitamins and minerals content, the fennel has a draining and depurative action on our body.

  1. Increase the IMMUNE DEFENSES

Thanks to the vitamin C, the fennel has antibacterial and immunostimulant properties, so it stimulates the organism defenses helping in preventing and fighting potential infections.

  1. Fight ANEMIA

 A high iron content makes fennel unavoidable on seasonal tables.

  1. Panacea for the HEART

Right the high concentrations of fiber, in addition to the absence of fat, makes fennel a perfect food to lower blood cholesterol. Also, the existence of many other substances as potassium and vitamin C, bring benefits to the heart and arteries.


The richness of fibers in fennel, increases the sense of fullness facilitating the intestinal transit as well. A perfect breaks hunger in addition to be an ally to our diets.


The main benefit of the fennel is without any doubt the one to facilitate the digestion reducing the abdominal swelling. This thanks to the anethole, an essential oil which is extracted by the preparation of infusions perfect after a meal.


The contribution of polyphenols is one of the fennel prides. Antioxidant substances able to contrast the free radicals in addition to the cellular ageing. Also, the presence of rosmarinic acid reacts as protector for the liver improving the functionalities.

All this makes the fennel an essential vegetable and at the AbanoRitz it is never missed. Therefore, our chef has thought to give you a couple of small (but above all easy) tips to taste it at its best:

Fennel gratin

First of all, boil some fennel cut in salted water, then place it all on a drizzle of olive oil and cover with breadcrumbs and parmesan. In the oven at 180 degrees for 15 minutes and you’re done.

Rich bruschetta

Fine sliced fennel, small rounds of spring onions and broad beans seasoned with oil, vinegar and salt. Put everything on grilled bread and salami paste, a sprinkling of pepper, a few tufts of wild fennel and everything is ready to taste.

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