Children friendly, the counter-trend of the AbanoRitz

“There are three things left from paradise: stars, flowers and children.”

Dante Alighieri

The trend increasingly for hotels, villages and tourist destinations seems to be the one to prohibit the access to children. At the AbanoRitz, as usual, we love and know how to be counter-trend while keeping our unique style.

A German website has conducted a census of the different places known as “childfree”, thus giving the primacy to Europe, although in Italy there are only about fifty structures that have prohibited the access to minors. Anyway, let’s say: we all have been children and, since always, children simply behave as children. Apparently, parents seem not to know how to behave as parents. So, what to do? An “adultfree” hotel? Exaggerated…

We are grandmothers, mothers, daughters, nieces… we are a big family in which we welcome open arms our guests of all ages since already 53 years! One of our mottoes is “this hotel is a home” and we love to our guests feel like home, always welcomed and waited, dedicating them little attentions in order to create a unique and personalized stay.

At the AbanoRitz children until 5 years old are 100% free with every kind of treatment. Also, few nice rabbits run in every corner of our garden waiting for our small and big guests to play with them.

In our park of 6000 square meters, with 40 different kind of plants, a play corner is provided with swings, castle slide and spring frog. And while parents get relax in out wellness center, pampered by the hands of our masseurs, children can smoothly stay with one of our highly qualified babysitters discovering the city or playing.

Our SPA is open every day from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. with internal and external swimming pools, hydro massages spots, sauna, steam bath and emotional shower for the couple. Children are more than welcome in splashing around our warm thermal water, while other services are reserved to adults in a romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

In short, at the AbanoRitz there is something for all and for every need, so… let’s follow this counter-trend and we wait for you with many packages for you!

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