“The dawning of the age of Aquarius, […] Mystic Crystal Revelation”

“If you scream everyone can hear you, if you whisper only those who are close to you will hear you. But if you are silent, only those who love you can listen to you.”


We welcome the sign of Aquarius (21st of January – 19th of February), eleventh in the zodiac and the last one of the air signs. And we do it inviting you to listen to “its” compositions in the key of D (Magnificat by Bach, for example) and in key of Fs (Decima sinfonia by Mahler, for example).

The water bearer brings with himself the transparent truth and the eternal wisdom: he represents the approval of different points of view and this wisdom is globally enclosed in thoughts and actions. Ruled by Uranus, planet known for its irregular movement and for being strong to all resistances, also the sign of Aquarius has big energies which have to be controlled and addressed but without damping the impact. An evolutionary stage which transforms pragmatic, earthly and ambitious energies in expanded, watery and celestial energies teaching the value of the science and of the extrasensory powers.

The personality of the Aquarius stands out for its joy, its helpfulness and its open-mindedness. For this reason, the born under the sign of Aquarius fell frustrated and confused if they are rejected. Even if they are sympathetic, they love when everything goes smoothly, without setbacks, and they may lose control and disappear when faced to conflicts or situations that are too stressful. Sometimes they may seem cold and detached, but they are simply objectives in promoting high ideals, scientific and universal truth.

The colors of the Aquarius generally are the fluorescent-ones, but more specifically the electric blue and the silver-grey. About the stones, in case you trust in crystal therapy, you can rely on the amazonite to free the breath, on the aquamarine to free the emotions fighting depression, on the hematite to rebalance the influences on Uranus and on the amber to calm down the anxiety.

The plants of the Aquarius are the dandelion, the resins, the myrrh and the French incent, while about the trees it depends by the birthdate: the birch for the 21st of January, from the 22nd of January to the 18th of February the service tree and the ash for the 19th of February.

For our part, at the AbanoRitz SPAce the Aquarius cabin has the Total Relax as dedicated treatment: psychophysics wellness and rebalance on a floating table with the help of the chromo therapy and the manual skills of the masseurs Adriana, Linda or Mistica. A wellness amplified by the water in the mat, as well as passing from the blue, red light till the orange and the green one: a rainbow of serenity, health, harmony and energy.

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