Food waste: a challenge to be fought with taste!

In the food&wine world and beyond, the issue of food waste has become increasingly relevant. The AbanoRitz has taken a strong active stance on this issue, recognizing the importance of addressing this challenge.

What is food waste?

“Food waste” is defined as food that is thrown away instead of being consumed, which may be leftover or expiring. This phenomenon has attracted public attention for several years leading to the adoption of targeted sustainability policies. In 2016, a law was passed that aims to limit food waste, promote the conscious use of resources and support environmental sustainability.

The “doggy-bag” as a solution

It happens to everyone at a restaurant or pizzeria to “eat with the eyes”, it means to order more food than our stomach can hold. Instead of wasting the remaining food, a simple solution is to ask for a “doggy-bag”, thus taking home the leftover food, which can become a delicious dinner for our four-legged friend, following it literally, or a practical lunch for the next day.

“We all dislike throwing food away. Maybe because we are a Country that deep down still retains memories of the lean times of our grandparents, maybe because for us Italians food is sacred, maybe because in recent years a certain sensitivity on the issue of food waste has developed.”

Andrea Segrè

The ecological commitment of the AbanoRitz

The AbanoRitz has always demonstrated a strong commitment to ecology with respect for the environment. Since 1967, year of the hotel opening, we have adopted a geothermal heating system designed to reduce our environmental impact. Despite our efforts to avoid food waste, with three restaurants and two bars, the challenge remains and we do not give up.

Too Good To Go

To limit wastes, the AbanoRitz decided in 2020 to join as partner the ios and android application Too Good To Go. This innovative online platform makes it possible to sell unsold food at a very low cost. It is an opportunity for our guests to buy original lunch-paquettes or for our neighbors to find a convenient solution for not cooking at home.

The power of a smile and good food

As tasty food lovers and experts in hospitality, we know that there is nothing that cannot be solved with a smile and good food. At the AbanoRitz, we invite you to try our cuisine, knowing that we are doing our part to reduce food waste and to protect the environment. Together, we can fight this challenge and enjoy the taste of sustainability. Are you up for it?

We are waiting for you!

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