Tasting the tradition of the Euganean Hills

The heart of north-eastern Italy: our beloved Euganean Hills. The Euganean basin is a fascinating area famous for the beauty of its nature, but also and above all for its thermal springs and dulcis in fundo for its rich food&wine tradition, which, framed by breathtaking landscapes, takes on decidedly greater value. The culinary delights of the Euganean Hills are varied, but we definitely invite you to discover, in addition to the wines from our cellars, typical products such as the historic Luxardo liqueurs, the innovative Gin Fiore and the renowned Brodo di Giuggiole of Arquà Petrarca. The AbanoRitz is part of the Euganean Hills Wine Route and we will be happy to accompany you on a journey that will make you use all five senses.

The Euganean Hills and Abano Terme

The Euganean Hills are 300 square kilometres of volcanic hills covered with woods and vineyards. They are one of the most sought-after destinations for nature lovers, offering wonderful scenic trails and various outdoor sports possibilities. At their foot we find Abano Terme, a spa area renowned throughout the world for its curative thermal waters.

The AbanoRitz and the Euganean Hills Wine Route

The AbanoRitz is a family hotel with a matriarchal tradition in Abano Terme. The preventive health and well-being of our Guests has always come first. Ad hoc experiences to make guests feel pampered as if they were at home. For several years we have been part of the Euganean Hills Wine Route, a food&wine itinerary that allows visitors to discover the wine treasures of the area and beyond.

Typical Euganean Hills products

The Euganean Hills region is known for some typical products that represent the culinary authenticity of our land. One of these is the historic Luxardo distillery, a world-famous family-run business that has been producing liqueurs and spirits since 1821. Their maraschino cherry liqueur is one of the territory’s excellences: the famous ‘Maraschino’. In addition to Luxardo, the Euganean Hills are also famous for Gin Fiore, an artisanal gin produced with local botanicals such as lemon, cardamom, coriander, basil, mint and orange blossom, but above all born from the idea of enhancing an Italian excellence of the beautiful Euganean Hills: the ‘Fior d’Arancio Colli Euganei’ DOCG. Not far from Abano Terme, we also find the medieval village of Arquà Petrarca where Brodo di Giuggiole (jujube broth) is produced, a sweet and aromatic liqueur made from the local dried jujubes. Another sweet, passito-type wine from our hills is Torcolato.

Not only spirits in the Euganean Hills

  • Extra virgin olive oil from the Euganean Hills has a long tradition. Thanks to the fertile soil and favorable climate, the oil produced in this region has a particularly fruity and aromatic taste.
  • The Euganean Hills area is famous for the production of cheeses such as Montasio and hard Grana Padano. You can visit local dairy farms to taste and buy these delicious cheeses.
  • Bees feed on the local flowers and plants, thus creating a honey that is unique in its flavor and aroma. The honey of the Euganean Hills varies from acacia honey to chestnut honey and many others.
  • The production of cured meats is a particularly deep-rooted tradition in the Euganean Hills. Raw ham, soppressa and bacon are prepared according to recipes handed down from generation to generation.
  • The cuisine of the Euganean Hills also offers a wide choice of typical desserts. Among the most famous are the ‘Baicoli‘, thin, crunchy biscuits that are excellent dipped in coffee or vin santo. In autumn, it is also possible to find ‘Fave dei morti’, sweet almond biscuits.

Exploring the region from the AbanoRitz allows you to discover and taste these culinary treasures. Wineries and local producers gladly open their doors for food and wine lovers.

The Euganean Hills and Abano Terme are undoubtedly the ideal destination for lovers of food and wine tourism. The AbanoRitz, part of the Euganean Hills Wine Route, offers a unique experience in full immersion in wellness and taste. The food and wine tradition of the Euganean Hills is expressed through quality typical products, such as Luxardo, Gin Fiore and Brodo di Giuggiole, which represent a perfect combination of history and taste, and which you can also try from the comfort of our bar. We look forward to an unforgettable holiday.

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