“I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want.”

Andy Warhol

Environmental protection is increasingly important and, above all, necessary. This is why the AbanoRitz has always paid particular attention to this issue.

The AbanoRitz is the first spa hotel that, since its construction, is equipped with a calorimeter, so that in winter the different rooms of the hotel are heated with the help of thermal water. Geothermal: a minimum environmental impact eliminating CO2 emissions.

Since several years, in the different areas of the hotel we also pay a lot of attention to the division and disposal of waste, we choose low-polluting cleaning products with calibrated dozers and we use low-consumption light bulbs. Small actions, to help achieve great changes.

The AbanoRitz, being a reality of course not delocalizzabile, lives, defends and promotes its territory, as we believe is normal. For some years we have been participating in the CETS project, the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in the Euganean Hills Regional Park, while for several years we have been on the board of the Euganean Hills Wine Road, which enhances the products of the Euganean territory.

In collaboration with Federalberghi, on the wave of sustainability, we have recently joined the initiative of energy and water saving, given the latest events, also inviting our guests to greater savings to safeguard the environment. Here in the rooms, guests will find some small tricks that we invite you to follow. Even energy saving, in fact, becomes increasingly important, especially in accommodation facilities, or in companies in general, which express a particular attention to environmental issues, without forgetting the recent need for cost control as a result of the significant recorded increases.

Simple measures to save water as well, one of the most important resources of our planet! Often, we do not notice how much water unconsciously each of us consumes outside of their own main needs.

The AbanoRitz clearly does not give any obligation, but a simple call to the sense of responsibility involving the guests thus making them feel part of our big family.

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