The Film Festival and our Venice Thermae

2018 International Film Festival

Lorenzo Mattotti, official poster of the 75th Venice Film Festival


Venice Thermae and the attention to women


At least two are the reasons that push us to connect the Venice Exhibition to our spas that are historically considered the Thermae of Venice. Located just 40 km from Venice waters, we have the merit of offering a proposal of precious thermal waters from the point of view of health and well-being understood in a broader sense.

The thermal benefits allow you to solve many physical problems and our waters are the pure demonstration given the excellent qualities that they can make to the euganean mud. A European Patent guarantees the presence in the thermal mud of numerous active ingredients naturally produced during the maturation process, giving it the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that make it unique in the world.

This is why we constantly make available targeted health programs formulated by different thermal protocols including mud therapy, physiotherapy, ozone baths and massages; all in agreement with the National Health System.

One of the reasons that connect us to the exhibition comes from the subject that Lorenzo Mattotti – cartoonist and illustrator – has decided to portray in the official poster of the Venetian Festival in which he announces its development from August 29th to September 8th. The artist represents a young girl who looks through the earth, symbol of the “look on us”. In the other hand, she holds a white square that indicates the cinema screen. The look on the planet must pass through this medium and be filtered through the screen. Just like in the poster, the woman is at the center of many initiatives also at the AbanoRitz, starting from the fact that to manage it are two sisters and that brings with it a story made up of four generations of women. A real matriarchate that has made hospitality more than a profession, a vocation.

For women, for example in mastectomy cases, many of our specific treatments, such as hydrokinesitherapy, are dedicated. We also offer medical, thermal and specialist assistance, thermae, physiotherapy & fitness. For a complete list of all treatments click here.

Another work that Mattotti wanted to dedicate to Venice is a volume of illustrations taken in this short and interesting video in which the protagonist is water, a water that fills up to become a solid element in the eyes of the artist, just like our thermal water which with its innumerable beneficial functions can modify and improve our body, giving it a general and profound psycho-physical wellbeing.


The Golden Lion


The official poster is the icing on the cake of an edition that reserves several surprises and that starts with a super program that, in addition to the films, also includes events related to the delivery of the Golden Lion to the career to Vanessa Redgrave, the other recognition female of this year’s exhibition.

Alberto Barbera, Director of the Festival, on the 75th edition of the Film Festival announced: “will be rich in many senses, curious, with a lot of genre films son of the authors, with great directors, some for the first time in Venice, but also many discoveries: first works, young talents, young female directors.

Vanessa Redgrave, director and actress of great caliber, will be rewarded during the event that will open with the screening of The First Man and will close with Driven by Nick Hamm. To welcome this great artist there will be Michele Riondino, chosen as godfather of this edition, but also the president of the jury Guillermo Del Toro. Here’s what the Redgrave said: “I am amazed and extraordinarily happy to know that I will be awarded the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement from the Venice Film Festival. I was shooting The Aspern Papers in Venice last summer. Many years ago I turned The holiday in the marshes of Veneto. My character spoke only in Venetian dialect. I bet I’m the only non-Italian actress to have played an entire role in the Venetian dialect! Thank you so much dear Film Festival!”


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