Mother’s Heart

– “The child calls the mother and asks: “Where I come from? Where did you collect me?”.

The mother listens, cries and smiles as she holds her baby to her chest: “You were a desire deep in my heart”. –

Rabindranath Tagore

National Day of the Mother and the Child. The 24th of December 1933 it was used to celebrate in this way mothers with lots of sons and daughters. This celebration anyway was just a one-time event, so not really an anniversary and neither the begin of the Mother’s Day as we know it nowadays.

We go in the mid-1950s when, for pure promotion, the senator and mayor of Bordighera Raul Zaccari decides to celebrate Mother’s Day in Bordighera. The celebration was so successful that on 18th of December 1958 Raul Zaccari and other senators presented to the Senate of the Republic a bill for the institution of Mother’s Day. The debate aroused by this idea lasted for more than one year as it was intended to prevent the celebration of such a deep feeling from becoming something snob.

Mother’s Day took hold in Italy in the 60s and children used to prepare, in the past as in the present, poems, drawings, crafts or gifts for their mothers.

This idea is not anyway original from the Bel Paese: other countries anticipated us.

United States already celebrated Mother’s Day in 1908 thanks to the activist Anna Jarvis who made it as a memorial for her mother. In 1914, President Wilson decided to celebrate it annually on the second Sunday of May as an expression of love and gratitude. Europe follows closely by introducing it in 1917 in Switzerland, in 1918 in Finland, in 1919 in Norway and Sweden, in 1923 in Germany and in 1924 in Austria.

Lot of time has passed since the first celebrations, but the most important thing remains, it is the spirit of celebrating the woman in the greatest expression of her femininity: motherhood.

At the AbanoRitz we are mothers and daughters, also grandmothers, known for the matriarchal tradition that distinguished us since more than 50 years.

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