Work-station in SPA

“We like to give people the freedom to work where they want, safe and aware of having the impulse and the competence to perform in an excellent way, whether they are at the desk or in the kitchen.”

Richard Branson, founder and president of Virgin

Smart working from necessity has now passed to custom in the world of work, in the limelight even in the post covid-19 emergency. Initially this kind of work was ideal, if not the only one, to respect the security limitations ensuring the continuity of the company at the time when you were all confined to home. The Italian Government itself has pushed for this method to be adopted by as many people as possible to limit any gatherings and therefore the spread of the virus.

Smart working soon finds its advantages as it offers greater flexibility of schedules and responsibility for results while giving better return and satisfaction as well as a clear improvement in productivity, a reduction in absenteeism and costs for physical spaces. Clearly, a new way of managing employees should be adopted, no longer based on control, but rather on trust.

Smart working, however, is not to be confused with telework as they are clearly two different ways of working both as a essence and as a contract. The first one is simply carried out off-site with the support of technologies, while the second one is a real management philosophy that brings a new conception of times and workspaces. In other words, smart working means not only distance, but flexibility and autonomy.

Already in 2016, the European Parliament publicly supports smart working, highlighting its benefits, but also affirming the importance of work-life balance. These two elements are the ones that often risk to mix and overlap in working from home. AbanoRitz has the solution!

AbanoRitz has been thinking about your well-being for more than 50 years and also in this case, proposing a work-station in SPA for business customers in order to alternate hours of remote work to moments of pure relaxation. Being able to concentrate on work and pull the plug in the right amount, without being distracted by washing machines, postman, household chores, visits and so on. Naturally having our services in a safe place, being also medical center, and with large indoor and outdoor spaces. The package is absolutely customizable according to the needs of everyone with dedicated benefits such as rooms with corner living, free printing/photocopying, unlimited WIFI service, possibility to receive the newspaper in the room, different dedicated spaces, the courier service agreed for the collection and delivery of packages, the discount of 10% on treatments, in addition to the free use of swimming pools and gym from 8:00 to 20:00 and tea time offered at 17:00. Is there anything else to say?! I would say that only your reservation is missing now!

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