The exhibition

Opened from 18 November, it will be until 18 March 2018 and celebrates the genius of Galileo Galilei tracing his life and his training told through other great of the past.

It is an exhibition full of works, objects and references to the Galileo’s discoveries who have revolutionized the way of seeing things, literally, starting from the XVI century. The eighteen Paduan years, then one of the most praised and frequented centers of European culture, are himself remembered as “the best of all my age”.

The works

The works are exhibited in the Palazzo del Monte di Pietà, in piazza Duomo in Padua in a mixture of art, science, music, philosophy and literature: paintings, illustrations and sculptures alongside ancient texts or extraordinary scientific instruments. A journey through seven centuries: from the visions of Leonardo da Vinci to those of Jules Verne, Doré or Georges Méliès up to the photos of NASA or Andreas Gursky.

The curators Giovanni Carlo Federico Villa and Stefan Weppelmann have thought of an exhibition including masterpieces by Dürer, Rubens, Guercino, Previati, Brueghel the Younger, Pellizza da Volpedo, Luca Giordano, Balla and Anish Kapoor.

An opportunity to remember how the sky was before Galileo and how it really is after his revelations, an opportunity to understand today a great Italian genius.


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Piazza Duomo, 14 – 35139 Padua PD

Weekdays 9.00-19.00
Saturday and holidays 9.00-20.00
Open 7 days a week

Audio guide included in the admission ticket

Full price: 12 euros
Reduced: 10 euros (groups of adults on guided tour organized with free for 1 companion;
groups of adults on a guided tour at fixed times; visitors between the ages of 6 and 18; over 65; University students; teachers with documents; affiliated categories)
Free: children up to 5 years; handicapped and 1 companion; journalists with a card; military; tourist guides with license.
Schools: 2 euros per student and free entry for 2 escorts (rate valid for students of all schools)

GUIDED TOURS (max 25 people per group)
Guided tours for adult groups: 75 euros
Guided tours in language: 85 euros
Guided tours with Italian sign language: 90 euros
Guided tours at fixed hours
Saturday, Sunday and holidays at 11.00, 15.30 and 17.30: 14 euros per person inclusive of reduced admission ticket

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