Appointment with culture and tradition at the Palio dei 10 Comuni of Montagnana

The whole middle ages culture is a commentary of the cultural tradition.

Umberto Eco

The Bel Paese has a past rich in history and re-enactments are therefore on the agenda. Scenography, costumes, weapons and music animate various cities along the peninsula.

Veneto is full of medieval villages that re-propose folklore and legends of other times … times that seem to have never ended by participating to these. Among the most important is certainly the extraordinary Palio dei 10 Comuni, organized every year in September in Montagnana, not far from the AbanoRitz. A green valley surrounds the castle walls in a fairy-tale atmosphere that celebrates the historical events of our territory.

The horse race is the fulcrum of this event, as stated in the statute of 1366:

“[…]we also want that every year on the third day at the beginning of August, a prize of six arms of scarlet cloth is placed in the land of Montagnana in front of the house of Mr. Podestà, in a place, bought with the money of the said municipality until to the sum of six ducats to which horses (and not mares) can run as long as they have first been presented to the Podestà and listed in a paper notebook; and then they are led to the vampadore’s deck and put in order and fired from the race in the usual way. And to the first horse that will arrive as a prize, this prize is given; a rooster be given to the second; the third is given a melon. And all the above should be done in honor and commemoration of the Lords of Carrara and the municipality of Padua, who on that day had the domain of Montagnana and drew it from the sea of ​​hell, then had it surrounded by walls.”

A race between the ten communities of the ancient Montagnese “Sculdascia”, a confrontation of ten jockeys between the emotions and the enthusiasm of the whole community. A splendid and original celebration, typical of our culture, not to be missed.


  • Sunday 21th of August

11:00 the 4th edition of the “Palio in Arte” exhibition opens at Castel San Zeno.

  • Saturday 27th of August

21:00 the oath of the Captains is expected in Borgo Veneto, Saletto.

  • Friday 2nd of September

20:00-24:00 in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele in Montagnana the great medieval dinner with musicians and flag-wavers, while for the village there will be fire shows, games, music and medieval dances.

  • Saturday 3rd of September

From 10:00 through the streets of the village the medieval market and ancient crafts, animations with the flag-wavers of the palio, jesters and jugglers.

17:00-19:00 in the valley of Porta Padova the Tenzone of the Archers.

19:00-21:00 in the main square the Tenzone of the Musicians and Flag wavers.

22:00 in the valley of the Rocca of the Trees the show of equestrian fire followed by the fire of the city.

  • Sunday 4th of September

From 9:00 through the streets of the village the medieval market and ancient crafts, animations with the flag-wavers of the palio, jesters and jugglers and various shows.

14:30 through the streets of the city the parade of the historical procession.

16:00 in the valley of the Rocca of Trees the eliminatory heats, the banner race and the performances of musicians and flag-wavers, to finish with a flourish with the Race of the Palio.

We wait for you!

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