Water that flows from the Fire: Preventive Health panacea

If there is any magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”

Loren Eiseley

In the past 2000 years Abano Terme is the most privileged destination for D.O.C. clay mud and thermal treatments in general. A few meters from the AbanoRitz, the Montirone, a small hill of just 10 meters highness, testifies in fact how the Ancient Romans already benefited from the Magic Waters of our SPA.

Nowadays, Montirone is a public garden, therefore easily visitable, although it is perhaps one of the main places of the Archaeological Park of the Euganean Hills, symbol of Euganean thermalism. Thermal baths lost in the green and in the trees of this park testify the ancient thermal spring that for years hosted patricians between relax and meetings. At that time there was also a sort of emporium, where glasses and precious vases were produced for devotees who could perform sacred rites in the nearby springs or collect healing water to take with them.

Abano Terme with its water “that flows from the Fire” and filters from the Prealps at an altitude of about two thousand meters has been welcoming medical tourism for centuries; nothing new, therefore, in speaking of the Euganean territory as a center for Preventive Health, especially in a historical moment in which Health is at the forefront. Over the centuries, from a simple tourist resort full of stores and houses, several hotels have been built and each one with its own thermal water arrival; at the AbanoRitz this water reaches a temperature of about 82°C (we are among the hottest areas) and it is then used for the maturation of thermal mud (organic clay coming directly from the bottom of the small lakes on our Hills), for inhalation treatments and for the heating of the hotel itself (AbanoRitz has been using geothermal energy since not suspicious times, that is, since its “birth”).

Health has always been the primary mission at the AbanoRitz. That’s why, being a medical center, during the pandemic our thermal wellness center has never closed in order to allow the achievement of treatments with waters rich in sulfur, powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Inhalation therapies, in particular, have proven to be particularly important in the post-hospitalization period for those who have contracted covid-19, but also in prevention, especially for those who have chronic diseases or are particularly weak in the respiratory system.

Thermalism is therefore an essential tool, especially today, but since several centuries, for public and private health care, both for the treatment of numerous chronic diseases widely spread and for the contribution it provides in the field of respiratory, bone and muscle rehabilitation.

The AbanoRitz awaits you with open arms with ad hoc packages for every need and desire, to pamper you and to welcome you to this hotel that is a Home.

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