Magic water of Abano Terme: 6 different uses

“If there is something magic in this planet, it has to be in the water.”

Loren Eiseley

Abano Terme already at the time of the ancient Romans was known for the “magic waters” that are still today miraculous and have different uses. Among other things, in the past people used to daily drink a little bit of it to purify the body and clean the intestine (did you ever tried? Here’s something to do during your next stay at the AbanoRitz!). We already know the strong anti-inflammatory action that has the water of Abano Terme, as well as the mud that ripens in it, enormously stimulating the immune system and having an antiseptic and regenerating action. Let’s see the benefit actions in detail:

  • Anti-inflammatory action: more than medicine! The salsobromoiodic thermae of Abano generate a stimulus that in the months following the treatment makes feel its benefits becoming a real anti-inflammatory therapy (yes, it is not a magic wand: you need to have patience and constancy).
  • Stimulation of immune system with the following production of secretory and circulating immunoglobulins.
  • Antiseptic action at the level of the skin and mucous membranes thanks to salts, such as iodine and chlorine, present in the water. These enhance the enzymes of white blood cells for the elimination of organs not liked and external to our organism.
  • Resolving action that removes from the body, with an osmotic process, the elements produced by inflammation, reducing swelling and edema, as well as helping weight loss.
  • Acion on the mucous generating a vasodilation with consequent increase of the serous composition of the mucus and of the abilities of the clearance. Briefly, the thermal water of Abano Terme significantly improves the respiratory capacity.

Usually in the thermal waters you dive, you inhale them, they are used for organic mud, but not only. AbanoSPA, the cosmetic line that you can find at AbanoRitz, based on thermal water of Abano Terme, offers a nebulizer. Here are the uses we tried for you:


Summer is coming and in the bag of every woman a water nebulizer is ubiquitous to fight the heat. Thermal water, in addition to refreshing, moisturizes and is much better than air conditioning, which tends to dehydrate the skin.


A bottle of thermal water nebulizer in the fridge gives the right freshness for the morning awakening of the skin and it is a good basis for the evening beauty routine leaving no traces of limestone, unlike tap water. It moisturizes and remineralizes the skin, which has to remain slightly moist when the serum is applied.


After the sport, as a megic stick, it eliminates the flush of the skin and it relieves the fatigue in the legs.


At the end of the make-up a spray, strange but true, fixes the makeup making it brighter as well as moisturizing the face and attenuating the dusty residue that remains after using the combo of powder, illuminating and blush.


After waxing or after a long sun bath, thermal water is a real cure-all, so much so that it is also suitable for treating sensitive skin, eczema, allergies or atopic dermatitis. It is also recommended after surgery, when the skin is often dry and stressed and you need to calm the redness as well as help the scarring.

  1. HAIR

A spray of thermal water on the hair puts in its place the rebellious tufts and revives the undulation of the hair.

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