Wine: the absolute protagonist



Also called nectar of the gods or elixirs of long life, in any case it is undoubtedly something wonderful. How many sensations evoked, how many combinations, how many notes of flavors, how many moments celebrated and how many toasts to kicking future projects or to the most hidden and distant dreams, how many traditions and how many new things allows us to make this exquisite drink!

Here are five original and unexpected ones!

  1. Sparkling wine and Champagne not at temperature are always to be rejected, with ice in the glass tolerable even if to disapprove this addition could be some sommelier: the bubble will be watered down and the impoverishment is certain, but it will also be less gassed and alcoholic, which in a long dinner could help. Robert-Jean de Vogüé, historic guide of Moët & Chandon, argued that such habits should be politely indulged.
  2. Is there a Champagne, a Franciacorta or a prosecco? Often leaving it in the fridge uncorked is the best solution to preserve it, as long as the temperature is as low as possible. Dark and cold they work better than caps for sciampagnotte (the wine tends to go out at the time of reopening).
  3. If you have never changed glasses after a dish with eggs, perhaps you should!.. To a good nose will not miss the veiled note absorbed by the glasses, which dirty the purity of a wine after eating eggs. To feel the difference fill a clean glass pouring the same wine served with the eggs and invite the guests to smell both..
  4. The duty to match the red with the fish is more duty-paid, but hard to take root. You can always do it gradually and start with a rosé; otherwise with a red not too astringent to combine for example with fatty meat from the eel.
  5. It’s called bevr’in vin or sorbir d’agoli. It is the old tradition between Gonzaga and Estensi to add a spoon of red in the broth. It was an aperitif-appetizer considered a long-life elixir: to try while having fun!

The events that will see him the undisputed protagonist


To begin with, this weekend and more precisely Sunday 19 May, at the Frassanelle Park – Villa Papafava, Vulcanei awaits us: the biggest event for the tasting of wines from volcanic soil.

The participating companies will be those of our Euganean Hills, companies and consortia from other Italian volcanic areas and, new to this edition, the Azores Islands, the Canary Islands and the island of Santorini.

Go to the event and the program

Cantine Aperte (Open wineries)

Now in its 27th edition, it is the appointment of the wineries of the Wine Tourism Movement, scheduled for Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 May throughout Italy. From tastings to visits to the vineyard, the public will be able to discover the secrets of winemaking, as well as taste and buy wines directly on the farm.

In Veneto, for #CantineAperte2019, one of the dedicated hashtags, the companies are busy preparing curious and stimulating themes to make these days live better. In fact, the proposal is to track the Venetian Story online with the invitation to share your experience, for more details and for the list of all the Veneto wineries participating click here

In our Euganean Hills we point out some wineries affiliated to the Movement such as Il Pianzio, La Mincana – Dal Martello, Quota 101, Salvan – Vigne del Pigozzo, Count Emo Capodilista – La Montecchia, Cà Lustra, Borin Vini and Vigne.

Golosa Bike (Gourmand Bike)

The gourmand food and wine bike tour of the Euganean Hills is back! This year will take place on Sunday 26 May with departure from Villa Draghi of Montegrotto Terme.

About 30 km of easy route along the Euganean Hills Ring cycle path with stops for visits to taverns and cellars.

Once again we thank our partner the Strada del Vino Colli Euganei for this great initiative and we refer you to its page for further technical info and reservations.


Vulcanei, Cantine Aperte, Golosa Bike: they are all in our package dedicated to May food and wine proposals for a Wine Weekend!

Go to the Wine Weekend package

Naviglio DiVino

Still starting from May 30th we remember the fantastic initiative of Padova Navigli, always in collaboration with the Strada del Vino: a fascinating evening mini-cruise on the Burchiello through the ancient navigation canal that connects Padua to Stra. A tourist guide will intervene for some important historical-cultural signs even if the eye and the temptations will always fall on the tastings of wines and products of wineries and agrarian companies and on the tastings made available by the most famous restaurants and trattorias of the Euganean Hills. For info and reservations click here

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