Eclipse, a rare show

The solar eclipse is a temporally phenomenon. The mind eclipse, is a never-ending phenomenon.

cit. Mieczysław Kozłowski

Today, the 2nd of July, the moon will totally cover the sun. The eclipse, this rare event which will darken for few minutes the south American sky, will not be seen in Italy except by streaming; but do not give up hope: a solar eclipse always occurs near a lunar eclipse. Then, get ready for a marvelous partial lunar eclipse, visible from Italy as well, expected for the next 16th of July.

Over the centuries, different traditional cultures tried to explain this phenomenon which has always fascinated the collective consciousness causing fair and superstition.

E.C. Krupp, director of the Griffith Observatory, explains that “with just few exceptions, it is always a breach of the established order. The man belongs from the Sun movement. It is regular, reliable, it cannot be sabotaged. Later, suddenly, the tragedy: the time goes out of joint, the Sun and the Moon behave has they should not”.

This eclipse in Cancer is part of a series started on the 13th of July 2018 and it will be completed in the summer 2020. The daily phenomenon is particularly important for people belonging to the Signs of the Cardinal Cross (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) for which significant changes are expected. It carries out an important role on people born the first days of the Fixed Signs (Taurus, Lion, Scorpion and Aquarius). Anyway we have to remember that eclipses are powerful astrological events which influence more or less everyone, with no exceptions.

This eclipse has a big resonance with the past, meanwhile opening a window on the future: a simple aspect which hide intricate and complex. The Sun and the Moon are near the North Node, so the impulse of this phenomenon is to positively go on, independently from the beginning perception. We will acquire consciousness, sensibility and emotional intelligence.

The essence of the Cancer is in the familiar contest and in this eclipse our consciousness and our desire (the Sun and the Moon) are positioned right in this Sign: a pervasion of nostalgia and memory which could appear in a sudden and overwhelming way. Saturn in close conjunction with the Southern Node and this is the first of the causes which astrologically link Time to Karma on the axe of this eclipse. It is therefore a way to test us trying to drag us back to the past, to our old habits; but nothing unresolvable dedicating ourselves to a karmic cleaning which could permit us to leave every fear of the past, leaving behind anxiety and pessimism.

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