The Herbelia line and method are welcomed in our RitzSPAce Center


There are five important reasons why AbanoRitz welcomes the Herbelia method and line in its SPA.

The first is the heart. In 1995, when Herbelia was born with its production laboratory. It was born by the will of the sisters Vincenza and Stefania Palmigiano, just as thirty years ago the sisters Teresa and Ida Poletto fully entered the administrative boards of the AbanoRitz management.

The second reason is that both realities, AbanoRitz and Herbelia, rely on research. Herbelia to develop high quality products and functionality in its internal laboratories and AbanoRitz collaborating with the Centro Studi Pietro d’Abano and through several spin-offs with prestigious universities for its thermal product, guaranteeing excellent results.

As a third reason the concept of elevation shared by both Herbelia and AbanoRitz. Herbelia intends to raise the level of aesthetic culture, AbanoRitz that of thermal culture.

The fourth reason is that Herbelia, like AbanoRitz, believes that a great product is not enough but methods and protocols are needed. In fact, to support quality, which is an axiom for both, we need training and professionalism.

The last reason is the mission that is the same: to sell products that ensure a personalized response to the needs and expectations of every single person, proposing not only a spa treatment rather than an aesthetic one but a unique experience of health and well-being.

The treatments

The treatments introduced are basically four, those that most achieve this desire to marry the spa activity, more related to the world of health, with aesthetic activity, to give life to manual methods of wellness.

Red Coral massage

The main component is coral, in fact the massage is performed with spheres created by this marine jewel that gives great benefits in contact with the skin. This precious marine essence is enriched with collagen, hyaluronic acid and proline to give vitality to the skin. The most important meridians are followed on the face by performing maneuvers that produce energy and stimulate internal circulation, releasing muscle tension and thus smoothing out wrinkles. It is not a simple massage but it is a treatment that focuses on the face and head and then goes down to the neck and back, up to the arms and legs. Duration: 1 hour; Price: 80,00 euros.

Talea Ritual

The Talea takes care of us as it can be defined a complete protocol for our body. Cleanses, nourishes, regenerates, excites, thanks to the use of a series of buds in the form of oils such as linen and blackcurrant. These are some of the products that make skin soft like that of childhood memory. The oils are precious and dermo-balancing and come directly from nature for the full well-being of the body. Some instruments used are composed of bamboo and copper fibers with all the qualities that these natural elements contain and allow the Talea to be completed with an exfoliating and oxygenating phase of the skin. It is a true restoring ritual that deeply nourishes the skin, a VIP treatment for the quality and quantity of the products and techniques used. Duration: 1 hour; Price: 80.00 euros.

Fingers brush massage

It is a body treatment, a massage that activates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. It is as relaxing as it is stimulating thanks to its activator, that is special brushes that manifest itselves as a touch of a thousand fingers on the body. In addition to oxygenating and draining as it avoids the stagnation of liquids, the brush massage relieves tension and muscle stiffness, in fact with this protocol the hormonal level of stress is lowered. Here too there are precious essential oils such as almond and wheat germ oils, creams with Vitamin E and beeswax, natural active ingredients and the Herbelia method. Duration: 1 hour; Price: 80.00 euros.

Skin elements

It concentrates only on the face, through the four elements of nature – earth, water, fire, air – in which a series of specific actives are enclosed for every imperfection of the face. Innovative is the system to convey them to make the regenerated, illuminated and nourished face of all the substances functional to its beauty appear. The four elements refer to traditional Ayurvedic medicine for a soothing, moisturizing, antioxidant and lightening action. We have respectively: – Fire serum based on bisabolol, Glycyrrhetic acid, Aloe – Water serum based on Hyaluronic acid – Air serum based on Vitamin E, Alpha lipoic acid, stabilized Vitamin C – Land serum based on arbutin, Kojic acid, stabilized Vitamin C. The treatment includes a deep and pleasant facial cleansing, a personalized mask and a relaxing and effective massage. Duration: 1 hour; Price: 80.00 euros.

Skin Elements is also one of the two treatments included in our SBS package: Skin Beauty Spring. A three-night stay for two adults on half board, click below to go to the package:

Package SBS: Skin Beauty Spring

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