abano terme

The magical water of Abano

Water of the Euganean thermal basin, comes from the Prealps flowing at about 3000 meters of depth…

There is no two without three!

Veronica is among the youngest in the big AbanoRitz family. She runs from the reception to…

Thoughts in apnea, in the deepest thermal swimming pool in the world

“In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans.” Khalil Gibran

The Jujube, one of the excellences of our Euganeans Hills

“The autumn is the sweetest season and what we lose in flowers, we win in fruits.”

MONTIRONE, the cradle of the thermae of Abano

“When it comes to fight for your dreams, be a dragon. Breathe fire.” Richelle E. Goodrich The Sources of…

AbanoRitz is always a service of medicine

Thermal water also for neurological and renal diseases and disorders

Eve Arnold’s exhibition at Villa Bassi Rathgeb – Abano Terme

“All about women”   “What you need to be a…

Territory, culture, art: AbanoRitz among the 8 locations of the Venetian Villas Biennale

Our commitment to the territory and its culture, even at the regional level

Offerte AbanoRitz