AbanoRitz: Golf in SPA

“Golf: a passion, an obsession, a love story, a good relationship with trees, sand and water.”

Bob Ryan

Stick, balls and go: this is how the legionnaires of the ancient Rome used to play the “Paganica”, a sport that brings us to the more modern Golf.

Golf is a precision sport that requires a lot of concentration. It consists, quite simply, on hitting a hard rubber ball with sticks of various types and getting it to the final hole with as few strokes as possible. The more or less rough course, the rules and the weather conditions complicate things a bit, but it is still one of the most popular and practiced sports in the world.

Etiquette is very important in Golf. This is not to be interpreted as some sort of elite distinction, but more as a consideration for one’s fellow man in the preservation of the course, respect for others and respect for the rules.

Golf is also played without the presence of a referee and therefore relies on the integrity of each player: everyone is asked to behave in a disciplined and courteous manner in sportsmanship, regardless of the competitiveness of each person, which is necessary in any case. This is the spirit of this Game.

A sport for all ages that is definitely good for your Health. Good for the heart, as well as for the cardiovascular system in general. As well as being an excellent sport for keeping fit and losing weight, it trains the joints and bones and has a positive effect on the brain, giving well-being to the mind.

The AbanoRitz is part of the Golf in Veneto network, which leads to the discovery of the area among hills, vineyards, rivers, villas, history and culture. A timeless charm that makes you travel from the sea to the mountains, from the plains to the lagoon, from the thermal baths to the lakes, discovering, relaxing and having fun on some of those considered the best golf courses in Italy. The Veneto is a rich tourist destination, with something to suit all tastes.

Just a few minutes from the AbanoRitz there are three prestigious golf courses: Golf Club Padova, Golf Club Montecchia and Golf Club Frassanelle, with whom we have a partnership and with whom you can take advantage of our golf packages.

At AbanoRitz you will find the perfect combination of the benefits of an exclusive spa and beauty club with the fun of an open-air competition.

We look forward to seeing you!

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