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“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

Virginia Woolf

The first traces of thermal tourism in Abano and Montegrotto date back to the second half of the 1st century B.C. (but certainly there was already something even before, ed), when the ancient Romans already allowed themselves parentheses of well-being by taking advantage of the services of local stay and refreshment. Advancing over the years, arriving in the middle of the last century, the spa hotels used to propose mainly full boards and customers used to spend their days relaxing between pools, therapies, restaurants and lounges, leaving not too much (unfortunately, ed) to discover the territory. Things have changed over the time.

Nowadays a new formula takes more and more advantage: the Day Use; a short daily break that at the AbanoRitz, with the different options of SPAday, is proposed with a relaxing room, lunch or dinner at our White Gloves restaurant with guéridon service and eventual treatments.

With the succession of the events and the increasingly practiced smart working, many people today choose this solution also for the working need to find themselves in a calm place, neutral and… why not, with some extra comfort! A nice dip in the thermal pools during the break, a good lunch or a good dinner cooked by our cooks are absolutely among the unmissable comforts proposed.

From Day Use to… Dinner Use?! Here is a good idea to enjoy a dinner without worrying about taking the car back home, having maybe drunk that extra glass or starting to feel the fatigue of the working day. The AbanoRitz offers 3 different restaurants (White Gloves with guéridon service, Il Brutto Anatroccolo with à-la-carte service and Easy Barbecue in our garden-park during the summer months) and 2 bars (in the lobby and to the pool).

Here’s the idea: a good dinner in one of the restaurants of your choice, tasting excellent bottles of the Strada del Vino of the Euganean Hills, to maybe end with a drop of Brodo di Giuggiole of Arquà Petrarca and last but not least… no car to go back, but an elevator that leads from classic to modern depending on the kind of room that have been chosen. A beautiful restorative sleep and an awakening in full relaxation with the breakfast in the room (service provided for free since always, ed) and a bath in the warm “magic” waters of our pools. It is not a dream! Contact us!

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