Faithful summer roar

“A lion never dies, it sleeps.”

The Lion King

The sign of Leo (23rd of July – 23rd of August), fifth of the zodiac and second one among the signs of fire. It represents the human radiant forces that illuminate the world around him, powerful energies kept under control anyway. Compositions in E flat minor (Heroic Symphony by Beethoven, for example) or in G sharp minor (The Old Castle by Musorgsky, for example) accompany all the power of Leo.

The born are the sign of Leo who are driven by the need to leave their mark on the world with ambition, strength and self-confidence: it represents the mature man who has as his priority the affirmation in the world. Ruled by the Sun, Leos like to be admired above all for what they do with strength and immediacy; they love to command and expect others to follow them, without taking anything away from the warmth and participation essential to them.

The personality of the Leos is mainly of great heart: either they give everything or they give nothing. Those born under the sign of Leo love to make their presence felt through noble gestures not loving the stink and petty. They have their own code of honor and the word given is law, so they expect others to act the same. For a Leon the house is his own castle and they live there proudly, sharing hospitality with others. The legendary thing is their loyalty: a Leo will always defend his affections, up to the last drop of blood, even if the habitual side of this sign hinders a little bit his growth.

The colors of the Lion are the golden ones and in particular the ochre. As about the stones, you can rely on the yellow topaz to relieve stress by restoring the inner calm, on the tiger eye for vitality, on the ruby to fortify the energies of the heart and the milky yellow amber to rebalance the imagination.

The plants of Leo are the sunflower, the chamomile and the lavender, while for the trees it depends on the day of birth: holly from the 23rd of July to the 4th of August, while hazel, almond and apple from the 5th to the 23rd of August.

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