Villeggendo Festival: the protagonists of the Italian publishing scene in Veneto

This is the ninth edition of the Villeggendo festival, an annual event that hosts the major protagonists of the Italian publishing scene in Veneto’s art venues. The Abano Ritz is proud of this now well-established partnership and loves being able to offer these illustrious names from the world of literature a wellness experience to better savour our region.

The history of Villeggendo

Villeggendo was born nine years ago from the idea of promoting culture in a unique and exciting way. The main objective is to create a series of travelling events that can engage and fascinate literature lovers, creating a dialogue between culture and authors by offering an inclusive and engaging experience for all in the magical atmosphere of the residences that are a fundamental part of the history of the Serenissima.

A successful partnership with the Abano Ritz

For several years, the Villeggendo festival has had a partnership with the Abano Ritz, one of the historic structures in the Euganean basin. This collaboration arose first and foremost from the sharing of common values and objectives. The Abano Ritz, in fact, has always shown particular sensitivity to culture and art, with the added value of offering guests an extraordinary experience that combines art, relaxation and wellness.

Villeggendo and Abano Ritz

During the Villeggendo festival, the Abano Ritz offers hospitality to some of the illustrious names in literature invited by the program. Here’s how to combine business with pleasure by letting yourself be pampered in this warm atmosphere between one presentation and another, while also enjoying Europe’s oldest thermae.

The Villeggendo program

Villeggendo has grown exponentially over the years thanks to the quality of the program, from the number of authors presented to the variety of villas, palaces and squares in which it has been hosted, from the attendance to the enjoyment shown by the audience. A journey through the villages and villas that made history in the heyday of the Serenissima Republic of Venice.

“Culture cannot be achieved if you do not know your history.”

Dario Fo

The Villeggendo festival confirms itself as a major event on the Italian publishing scene, offering a unique and engaging experience for literature lovers. Thanks to the well-established partnership with the Abano Ritz, it has come to unite culture and art, providing the opportunity to enjoy moments of relaxation and well-being. Over the years, the festival has expanded its program, presented an ever-increasing number of authors and taking place in evocative locations rich in history. Villeggendo has become a true travelling festival in the Veneto region and one of the most significant cultural events on the Italian scene.

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