Smart working at the AbanoRitz: work where the well-being is at home

“You should love what you do to want to do it every day.”


The commonly known smart working, or agile work, or teleworking, is defined by the Italian  Ministry of Labour as a mode of execution of the employment relationship characterized by the absence of time or space constraints and a phased organization, cycles and objectives, established by agreement between employee and employer; a mode that helps the worker to reconcile life and work time and, at the same time, encourage the growth of his productivity.

The smart working definitely empowers the worker as it allows him to manage the work by himself. Flexibility, autonomy, trust, empowerment, collaboration and optimization of tools and of technologies. Since March 2020, this mode has been adopted by many companies as a result of the health emergency and even now-a-days many activities continue from home, so to minimize the possibility of infection and to protect the weakest individuals. Smart working today is therefore a kind of new dimension of work which promotes an individual productivity and an operational continuity, allowing a significant flexibility about the workplace. We need to change the concepts of use of the time and of the space in order to encourage new working models, more effectives and efficient.

Smart working, remote, anyway does not necessarily want to be at home, where a not well defined boundary between personal and professional life can bring distractions and stress. The AbanoRitz has therefore thought about flexible options for our Guests looking for an alternative place for online activities to live during one day or even staying overnight for a full immersion of work with the convenience of a spa hotel. Clearly it is always up to date the possibility to book an overnight stay, maybe having a late check out at the departure or even make a trip of several days combining work and leisure time in a period of relaxation.

The rooms of the AbanoRitz are equipped with spaces that allow remote work: in all of them there is a desk and a veranda, but you can also opt for the special rooms with living and sleeping areas or even for our design suites with real separate and distinct environments. All this, among other things, being able to take advantage of our spa between thermal pools, therapies of thermal mud or ENT, wellness treatments, physiotherapy and massage therapy, three different restaurants. The AbanoRitz so becomes an alternative in the choice of the workplace with the benefits of a thermal spa.

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