SENIOR LIVING: the promotion dedicated to the “young inside”

“A child has the whole life ahead of him, an elder the eternity.”

Mirko Badiale

The courage to reopen, but above all the courage not to close, looking for, more than business, VALUES in a Hotel whose offer has always been linked to HEALTH and PREVENTION, not just to a concept, a bit abused, as well as well-being. Here is the proposal 2020/2021, in the Covid era, of AbanoRitz. The AbanoRitz is a health center, Dr Calfapietra (spa medicine and antalgic, specialized in anesthesia) is in fact the health director of the THERMAE inside the Hotel that are among other things accredited by the Italian Sanitary System and recognized as “first super” by the Ministry of Health. The Hotel is set in a fascinating and rich in history, protected and safe, for centuries devoted to care and caring hospitality, embraced by the green of the Euganean Hills, in a geothermal bubble that makes sustainable hotel offer and active holiday (Golf, Nordic Walking, Bike with assisted pedaling along the cycle ring 64 km long): a solution for the “young inside” that is grafted into the concept of Spa Hotel agreement and with European Patent.

What reasons can drive the Silver Generation towards a SPA RESORT like the AbanoRitz? For example, the need to pay attention to your health conditions, or, at this moment, the need for care and safety in a dimension of accessible luxury with guaranteed spaces and professionalism. Living in difficult metropolitan cities or in the absence of children or relatives nearby, the landing at a spa Hotel like the AbanoRitz can be the next step towards relaxation and absolute comfort, where to “winter” and stock up on positive energies.

  • 14 days of which 2 are given for free in full board in room type “elegant” (26m2) occupied by 2 people: 107,00 Euro per person per night with upgrading, on availability, in Special room or in 2 Single rooms communicating and with French bed, if occupied by only one person in a double room for single use with double bed the reserved rate will be 112,00 Euro per person per night, always in full board.

Path for preventive health: 1105.00 euros

  • Diagnostic medical consultation
  • 1 Fast oropharyngeal buffer in hotel for free
  • 10 Thermal mud applications (special price)
  • 10 thermal baths with ozone therapy
  • 1 Thermal washing of nasal cavities
  • 5 Decontracting thermal massages of 25 minutes
  • 5 Physiotherapy sessions for functional recovery and muscle reinforcement of 40 minutes
  • 6 meetings of 45 minutes of postural gymnastics in water or dry according to indications
  • Thermal pools
  • 10% discount on all beauty treatments
  • Check-up on demand, with blood analysis in hotel at an average price between 174,00 Euro and 259,00 Euro
  • Booking department – 0498633444/5 at your disposal dfor special packages and with customized prices for the LONG STAY (until the 30% discount!)
  • Laundry service in the hotel
  • Large parking, WIFI, Entertainment
  • Pet friendly hotel

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