“Da Tiziano a Rubens”: unreleased Flemish collections celebrated in Venice

From the 5th of September 2019 to the 1st of March 2020 the date is in Venice. The Fondazione Musei Civici of Venice and the city of Anvers present “Da Tiziano a Rubens”: en exclusive exhibition where the artworks of the Flemish art, but also documents, sketches and instruments, will be exposed in the apartments of the Doge to Palazzo Ducale, exposed on the Piazza San Marco.

The season open brilliantly with this prestigious exhibition in one of the most known and unique places in the world: our lovely Laguna. These precious works are the proof of the important cultural exchanges passed during the gold age, between the XVI and XVII century, between Venice and Anvers, two harbor cities and so an intersection for the respective exchanges. In addition to the merchant influences, there were also the ones to the local productions as glass, tissues, prints, musical instruments: all microcosms which arrive in connecting the two areas, finding today, in the halls of palazzo Ducale, a their own small representation.

The apartments of the Doge become constkamers, that are rooms of art, enriched by marvelous works which represent the richness of Flemish collections. From the refinement of Rubens to the portraits by Van Dyck, from the impressiveness of Cornelis De Vos to the intensity of Michaelina Wautiere, from the holy scenes of Van Loon to the nights of Adam De Coster, passing through the still-life of van Beijeren where stick out the glass chalice produced by the artisans of Anvers thank to the glass maestros of Murano. Some of them are shown for the first time to the public, others are not so often lent.

This exhibition is a way to give us back our venetian, history, Italian one, but also really European seen the different influences. An international breath which is mainly brought by the artist in the center of the exhibition: Pieter Paul Rubens. This latter, back from Italy in the beginning of the XVII century, open a studio on the model of the Italians ateliers, where a good part of the work was relied on the students of the big maestro. Ben Van Beneden, director of the Rubenshuis and curator of the exhibition, says he is excited to have the possibility to retrace the trip of Rubens that he have dreamt and studied for so long time.

The icons of the venetian paint come back to their motherland, Venice: Jacopo Pesaro presentato a San Pietro da Papa Alessandro VI (Jacopo Pesaro introduced to Saint Pietro by Papa Alexander VI) by Tiziano, the altarpiece of the ex-Church of Saint Geminiano, so defined the “Tintoretto of David Bowie” cause he owned it till his death and the Ritratto di una Dama e sua figlia (Portrait of a Lady and her daughter) by Tiziano, which it seems it portrays the lover of the painter and their daughter Emilia.

A special section of the exhibition is dedicated to the famous Flemish composer Adriaan Willaert, who definitely came in the Serenissima in 1527 becoming Maestro of the Basilica of Saint Marco’s Chapel and he founded the famous School of venetian Music, attended, among others, by Claudio Monteverdi.

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